The Day Never Ends At A B-School

26th July, 2017. A date I am least likely to ever forget. I have travelled far and wide, met several scores of people in my lifetime, yet I was giddying with excitement about the prospects of a new place, new people and new life. Between sparse google pictures and horror stories painted by seniors, I was at my wits’ end as to what to expect from an institute of such stature. All of it paled in comparison when I stood in front of the gates which read Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode; fully aware of the year-long hard work, discipline and sacrifice that went in to reach here!

It must be true when they say time dilates when you are in a shock; it did for me as I drove up the hill, the institute tower looming at the top of the hill. I will skip the details of the emotional storm brewing within, some things are best experienced rather than said. The dorms were at a different level of frenzy, parents and students at every corner; some crying, some happy! I knew I was at home when I entered my room – 2 roommates, one busy stalking girls, other stalking books; the balance in the universe restored.

The seniors were extremely welcoming, seven assignments on seven varied topics with sacrosanct deadlines which were never meant to be kept. Just when we thought that day could finally end, we got welcomed by a batch meet where many words were exchanged, juniors almost spoke nothing. The interactions which followed were well, I will let you all experience it when you join an IIM.

I don’t remember when I slept, but I knew I finally felt I was perhaps going to have the two most exciting and vibrant years of my life. I haven’t been wrong about it yet.

I hope you are all motivated to study at one of the prestigious IIMs and do give a buzz if you happen to come to my campus in June 2018. Till then, tune on to my next preparation article which will focus on cracking the WAT conundrum in 4 simple steps! Cheerio…

Ashish Thomas

Ashish Thomas is a first year student at IIM Kozhikode. A curious explorer by nature, high on energy, computer science engineer by education, a consultant by profession, a food aficionado and somewhere in between is my MBA… I would love to continue on but whose keeping tab.. :D! Let the Samosa Conspiracies begin!