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Campus life is the most unforgettable part of the MBA journey for anyone. With loads of assignments and exams, it also offers an exciting life packed with tours, events and fun moments one could only imagine in wildest of dreams.

My journey at MDI has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride till now. I still remember the first time I stepped on campus two weeks back, which now seems like an eternity ago. I had my own expectations for the life on campus which is in the centre of Gurgaon and a stone’s throw away from the Sector 29, the party hub of NCR. And, I can admit now that I have never been so wrong in my life.

I was inducted into the Mandevian culture with 10 days of a gruelling session conducted by the student council. Days, tasks and guest lectures seemed to never end and we were pushed to our utmost limits. During some days, the work was so much that all I thought was that  “I want this day to get over and go sleep” and in those days, I ended up making some good friends over a cup of coffee and plate of a plate of Maggi at Sharma. When the going got tough there was always someone to motivate the other person no matter what and tell him that this too shall pass. Sometimes there were so many tasks and group projects at hand that we forget who are we working with and on what. The main takeaway from all this was to give us an idea of how a typical day in the corporate world looks like; coffee, gossip interspersed with intense periods where productive work is done.

Three weeks in to the college, I have been through all sorts of days filled with deadlines, surprise quizzes, extra classes and prep team sessions. However, I can say I have survived these days and it has given me the confidence to forge ahead. But, I have already been proved wrong once, and I won’t be surprised if I’m proved to be on the wrong side in days to come. Haha!

Which ABG company would you like to join and why?

Coming from a chemical engineering background with an interest in process optimization and green technologies and always being on the lookout for new places to explore, the ABG company I would most like to work for would be Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) (ABCTL) as it would not only give me an opportunity to work out of Thailand but also to be involved first hand in a plant which prides itself on its green initiatives like the water conservation and management practices, an area on which I have worked on earlier as a part of my final year project.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.