Dear IIM Aspirant, your attention please!

Dear IIM aspirants,

I have sorted down few points to make your IIM journey a cake walk. It is well and good if you are a school kid. You have few more points to glance.


Dear Grad

Congratulations! Got your own money? And a debit card? And the number of swiping is proportional to your happiness?  It is awesome right?

No need to feel guilty about. It is your rightful time to spend. Have fun! But do not get carried away by the money you got today. There are miles to go before you actually take a wide smile! Yes! Believe me!

Do you feel like punching Mondays, if it is tangible? Uff… listen baby.. Do not whine about having limited time. In future, you are expected to sit in classes for placement preparation till 2 AM in the morning followed by submissions at 5:59:59 AM and again classes at 9 AM. You are not only expected to work on Sundays but also write exams. So be happy about your ample time. Spend time for yourself. Find out what you want to be. And of course, toil up the cliff path, so that you can boast your CV later.

You must have had a grudge on your manager. Who on this earth doesn’t have?! But hold on.. take a deep breath.. Smile at her/ him even at worst situation. Accept to redo the work. Go to your desk. Bang on it! Yeah! No other go! Make a good relationship with the manager and Assistant manager who is in line to take up the honor of subduing the team members. Because, she/ He is the one who is gonna give proof for the CV points you might submit to placement team of IIM.


Dear College Kid

Do you think you are bold and independent? Calm down.. Explore a lot, meet people from different parts of the world. Probably, you will revise your statement. You will get precious friends here. Preserve them.

A twist is waiting for you here. You might move away from studies. Distractions pull you from all directions. Fight back and concentrate on your grades. Never let anything that discourages you from pursuing your hobbies. Never miss any opportunity that gives a chance to test your unproved skill.


Dear School Kid

Ask questions. A lot of questions. About everything you come across. Analyze them and form an opinion about it. Read a lot. There is so much on this earth to know about. Sound knowledge creates sound reputation for you. Ever.

At the same time, maintain a good academic record. Because, right from IIM admission till the final placements and even beyond that your grades speak. They are your face to the recruiters. Try getting into IIT/NIT. Because a simple SQL query filters you out from getting your dream job, just because you are not from the so-called ‘brand’. Give a thought of choosing commerce group. But I know, your parents aren’t gonna listen. Anyways, Best of luck!

Last but not the least, enjoy home food and parents pamper. You will never know when you will get it again.


All the best!

Prathiba Seenivasan

(This article is written by Prathiba Seenivasan, class of 2016 student at IIM Lucknow. She plans to join her family business with a couple of years’ experience in corporate)