Testimonials From Graduates Of Top Business Schools In India – Deepali Naair’s Success Stories

Back To The Course – MBA Interview Prep With Deepali Naair

Here’s what some students from Top Business Schools and some of the best companies in the world have to say about Deepali Naair :

(Do note that the list below is not exhaustive. We will keep adding more testimonials as we reach out many of Deepali’s students who are in different parts of the World working in some of the best companies.)

“Deepali ma’am has been the guiding light throughout my interview process. The feedback she gave after the mock interview sessions were immensely useful in correcting myself and speaks volumes of her expertise in the industry. She helped clear all apprehensions, doubts and fears that I had and added a lot to my confidence. I could see a concrete change in my confidence levels and in my level of preparation, post-interview prep by Deepali ma’am. She took utmost concern and made sure that I did not miss out on even finer details during preparation. I’m pretty sure I would not have converted my interviews without her invaluable mentorship. She was more like a third parent to me than just a mentor and I am totally indebted to her for helping shape me throughout the whole process. Converts – BLAK, SPJIMR (Marketing)
Joined – A”

– Adithya S, IIM Ahmedabad

Deepali Ma’am is definitely THE BEST mentor and teacher I have ever had. She transformed my way of approaching interviews and helped me make and master my interview strategy, which ensured my admission at IIM Ahmedabad. So well-crafted was my interview strategy that it could not have gone wrong. Preparing for the interviews with her never felt rigorous; in fact it was too much fun. I always looked forward to having sessions with Ma’am, where we not only discussed my interview strategy, but also about a lot of informal topics. She gave sharp inputs about every small detail and exactly the points I needed to work on. I also consider her as a good friend and would surely turn to her for advice ahead in my life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve the biggest milestone of my life.

– Hitesh Thakkar, IIM Ahmedabad

Getting a interview call from B School of your dream is just one part of the story. Converting it is another. I still remember how confused I was about the entire interview preparation and there was not much time. At that time Deepali ma’am came to my rescue. The best thing about her is her focus and honesty in giving feedback. She is able to point out minute details which need improvement and her insights have been quite useful not only during the B School interviews but during my summer interviews as well.
Her expertise in taking mock interviews in unmatched and it really enhanced my confidence. 
A large credit for my success in converting the calls goes to Deepali ma’am.

– Arpit Inani, IIM Ahmedabad

“Finally, I’ve made it to the B-school of my dreams. I had begun to believe myself a lot more after having worked. But getting into the best B-school in the country required the help of some one special and that was Deepali ma’am. Possibly the most important take away from working with Deepali ma’am (no it’s not getting an admit) was a better understanding of myself. The process she uses helps you truly ‘Know thy self’ and this of course is vital if you want to get into the best MBA institutes in the country (not just a ‘good’ B-school). Also, her amazing passion towards helping others develop (I’m still trying to figure out how she manages it through her busy schedule) is an inspiration.”

– Mandar K, IIM Calcutta

“Students who get calls from top b-schools often realize that converting a call is more difficult than getting one. And the pain of not converting is far more severe than not getting a call. However, Deepali ma’am was the best thing which could have happened to my GDPI preparations. She has the perfect knack of detecting one’s weaknesses and enhancing the strengths, which help her mentor each individual in her own characteristic style. By the time you are through her exhaustive coaching, you are mentally prepared to take on the gruelling GDPI rounds meant for the coveted IIMs. If one is ready to take as much effort as she does on each and everyone the dream b-schools would not seem too far away.
I am and shall always remain thankful to her for all her efforts, which brought out the best in me when I needed it the most”

– Akshay Mahajan, IIM Calcutta

“Being yourself is the most difficult thing, at the same time how to be yourself and still be someone that the college of your dreams wants to admit? Deepali Mam helped me figure that out, her open, frank advice guided me throughout my admission process. It is heartening to see someone working as hard as you are for your admission. Any support I could ask for was given irrespective of the time of the day. I could make it through XLRI only through her guidance and help for which I am truly grateful…”

– Pooja Shetty – XLRI Jamshedpur (BM) 

I owe my convert entirely to my ‘guru’ Deepali Ma’am. To have only one ‘coveted’ call in your kitty and the apprehensions of not converting it and getting back to the same monotonous IT life – were the lines that Deepali Ma’am kept telling me and pushed me ahead. I can clearly remember the day when I had my first mock GD, I looked around for a chance but the fear and lack of confidence refrained me from uttering a word. But then, under the guidance and motivation from Deepali Ma’am and over several rounds of practice, I mastered at it and now, I am so confident that clearing GD rounds is peanuts for me. The grueling interview sessions, providing detailed and valuable feedback on every minute detail and providing institute specific personal guidance made me sail through SPJIMR.
In the overall experience, Deepali Ma’am has been like a coach, mentor and a friend for life who not only helped me in converting my ‘only’ call but has deeply laid the foundations of confidence in me, whose rewards can never be reciprocated. Her guidance is highly recommended for every MBA aspirant.

– Amit Chawla, SPJIMR Mumbai

“I owe a large part of my success to Deepali Ma’ams efforts & guidance.
I could really find a stark difference in my approach towards GD-PI, post my interaction with ma’am. It helped me to channel my efforts in the right direction and bring out the best in me.
With her vast experience in the industry, she was really helpful in giving an insight as to what the interviewer expects from a candidate & how he would interpret our answers, even to basic questions. Not only MBA entrance interviews, the structure provided is equally helpful once you are in the B-school & preparing for summer placements and later job interviews.
I would highly recommend her guidance in order to convert any aspirant’s coveted call.”

– Manvendra Singh, MDI Gurgaon

The fact that I am currently pursuing an MBA is all because of Deepali Ma’am. Getting a good score on CAT is one thing, but cracking the interviews of a B-school is a different game altogether. There, your ability to impress in 10 minutes is all that matters. I was faced with the same situation when I was preparing for my interviews. Before the preparations, I was very under-confident and thought I would never be able get in a B-school.
But my 2 months of preparation with Deepali Ma’am changed a lot of things. We discussed a lot of things like what should my interview be about, what should I focus on, what strategy to use etc. Working with her was tough but extremely useful at the same time. She made me put in efforts which I would have not had I prepared on my own. I was able to give interviews to different people and all the interviews were of different difficulties and tailor made for a particular B-school. This helped me be better prepared for all kinds of interviews, even for my summer placements.
Looking back, I see a vast improvement in myself now and I solely thank Deepali Ma’am for that. I strongly recommend her guidance for all B-school aspirants.

-Saumil Parekh, MDI Gurgaon

“Initially after getting calls from IIMs other top B schools,I was very low in self confidence due to lack of clarity on why I wanted to do MBA. Joining deepali mam personalized GD PI coaching helped me immensely to clear the final hurdle. This preparation will also be helpful for summer internships which will start immediately after joining the MBA course. The feedback which she gave after each mock session was excellent and very valuable in my preparation. It cleared all my apprehensions and myths about the interview process. She makes sure that even the minutest details are covered in the form and gets you prepared for all the questions they might ask you in the interviewWe have to realize that almost 10-12 students are called for 1 seat in the final admission process, and clarity in thoughts and structured preparation is a must to clear the final hurdle, which is given by deepali mam. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is very serious in converting his call.”

– Yashwanth Kasturi, IIFT Delhi 

Success Stories – IIM Ahmedabad

Ms.Deepali Naair, or Deepali Mam to me, has been a “True Guru” in every sense to me. Besides being a great coach and mentor, she is one of the most wonderful human beings and friends I have come across. I owe a lot to her, both personally and professionally. It was her guidance that helped me gain clarity and confidence about the interview process at India’s top B-Schools, and she is an architect of my admission to IIM Ahmedabad. Deepali Mam’s insights and observations are as sharp as ever, and her pursuit of perfection, professionalism and energy in work as well as life is highly infectious. I am sure there have been and are many like me, with many more to come, who shall forever cherish the privilege of having been students and friends of Deepali Mam. I thank her with all my heart for all that she has contributed to me, and my success.

– Siddharth Shah, IIM Ahmedabad (He interned with Goldman Sachs in the summer of 2011)


I vividly remember your first few words, “The pain of not converting a call is much more than not getting one”. Since then you have not only been a mentor but also a source of inspiration. I worked hard but you worked harder to ensure that I reach here. Interviews at 1AM (I was working in shifts till 12am), endless vetting of minute details on my forms, informal chats before the D-day(the game changer for me). These were small things for you but they meant a lot to me ma’am, in fact I have been blessed to have met you.

– Atin Jain, IIM Ahmedabad

Deepali Maam’s knack to provide a self-reflecting micro-perspective feedback, meticulous planning under severe time-crunch for preparation, and professional help with a personal touch are some of the qualities that I can easily recollect. Maam’s intense in-depth GD/PI sessions provided the vital edge and confidence to tackle the GD/PIs of IIMs.

 – Rohan Desai, IIM Ahmedabad

The PI sessions with Deepali Ma’am helped me in analysing my strengths and weakness and gave me a direction for my preparation. After having several interview sessions with Ma’am, I was very much relaxed going into my actual B-school interviews. I eventually began to enjoy the process of group discussion after having various mock GD’s covering a plethora of topics.

 – Omkar Shirke, IIM Ahmedabad

Deepali ma’am has been a great help in my preparation for GDs and PIs. To put things in perspective, what she taught me was not how to crack a GDPI-session in some competitive exam, but how to drive any formal conversation towards my own benefits and requirements. I would, and I have recommended her guidance to my friends as well, because such assistance is helpful even in long term, especially during placement-interviews. To give my frank opinion, I will not ask anyone to consult Deepali ma’am about cracking GDPI because with that objective, only a little success can be achieved. Let her coach you about leading any formal conversation and only then can you realize the true worth of the sessions. Secretly, I think even she herself coaches anyone with the same goal without being open about it 🙂

– Prateek Sharma, IIM Ahmedabad (Works with Procter & Gamble)



 Success Stories – IIM Calcutta


“Deepali ma’m is one in a million! For someone so busy and successful she still finds time to provide Interview preps and also work through the night for our preps! It just shows how passionate she is about her students. I owe her big time for ironing out my flaws and helping me through my interview preps for IIM Calcutta!  She makes sure that we are perfectly prepared for all interview situations. The huge number of her students in various IIMs and other top B-schools is proof enough of how well she prepares them!”

– Yateesh Shetty, IIM Calcutta, Class of 2012


The most helpful thing about her guidance was that she took the trouble to sit with me and help me figure out my profile in a broad manner which made it possible to tackle most of the questions in the multiple interview calls I had(calls- 9…converted 7,waitlisted 1).She helped me overcome the initial hesitation that I had and mentored me to bring out the best in front of the panelists.Glad to help!

– Manbir Singh, IIM Calcutta

I gave my CAT in 2010 and secured calls from several IIMs. I am currently pursuing my PGDM from IIM Calcutta and will pass out in 2013. I did my GD/PI coaching with Deepali Ma’am. She helped me immensely with the preparation required to do well at this final stage of the process. As a result of the preparation under Madam’s guidance I was able to collect my thoughts in a systematic manner which helped me approach the interview in a confident manner. I believe Madam’s contribution to my preparation played a crucial role in me getting into my dream B-school.

– Naishadh Sutaria, IIM Calcutta

What I really admired about the GD/PI learning experience from Deepali Mam was her amazing ability of identifying the positive and negative attributes in an individual. She always ensured that a meaningful two-way dialogue for personal improvement was taking place; it really boosted my confidence before the awaited GD/PI season.

Mihir Rathod, IIM Calcutta

When I received the GD/PI calls from MBA institutes I had applied to, I believed that while gaining some GD experience would be good, one could not be trained in interviewing skills. However, my experience with Deepali completely changed this perception! Just in a short while, she reads you so well as to accurately identify areas of strength and improvement. This is then followed up with very focussed steps that help improve overall confidence, and interviewing ability. Deepali does a brilliant job to help train your mind to frame the answer in a logical manner that helps the interviewee grasp your ideas better, thus making the interview more effective for all involved!

 – Nivedita Aggarwal, IIM Calcutta

I can safely admit that it was due to the able guidance of Deepali Ma’am that I ended up converting my IIM calls. Both in the GD’s, where the classroom sessions had competition more intense and topics more testing than anything I experienced in an actual IIM GD, and in the mock interviews where my glaring lack of GK and overconfidence were exposed early on, she provided constructive criticism throughout, with her only challenge being to continuously improve yourself. By the time my final interview with IIM Calcutta came about, I was a finely tuned GDPI machine and I have Ma’am and her team entirely to thank for that.

Arjun Lokur, IIM Calcutta, (Works with Procter & Gamble)


Success Stories – IIM Bangalore 


“Deepali ma’am is simply awesome. She is very perceptive and takes immense interest in getting to know you as a person. This definitely goes a long way in preparing for the interviews!”

– Tejas Dave, IIM Bangalore, (Works with Booz & Co. as a Consultant)


Success Stories – ISB Hyderabad


Most brilliant students get the calls but not the admission because they ignore the GD-PI prep. Deepali Naair’s training in GD-PI was invaluable to me when I sat there facing the panels of IIMs (I,K,L), SP Jain and ISB. She individually interviewed and coached me and all my batch mates over multiple sessions to filter out the irrelevant stuff, focus on the strong points in our profile and present a concise, focused personality to the interviewers. This takes a lot of time but Deepali is willing and enthusiastic about getting to know each student and then advising them on how they should present themselves because she knows exactly what the interviewers are looking for.  End result was that I cracked every single GD-PI call I got. If you are willing to work hard with her, there is no better guide to help you through your GD-PI prep.
GD-PI calls: IIMs (I,K,L), SP Jain and ISB
Admitted to: IIMs (I,K,L), SP Jain and ISB
Attended: ISB, Hyderabad

– Dushyant Sharma, ISB Hyderabad


Success Stories – HEC Paris


During one of my initial PIs with Deepali ma’am I distinctly remember the feedback was “Dumb is spelt as ‘S U C H I T’”; thus started the journey of my interview preparations. Fast forward a couple of months, and ma’am asked me what has led to stark improvement in the quality of my answers, and I replied “I think how you would react to my answer and how you would improve it”. Ma’am’s stern comments, invaluable feedback, consistent efforts and cajoling have prepared many of us not only for the MBA program but also for the suave corporate world. Thank you ma’am for all the efforts and for bearing through my follies.

 – Suchit Saraf, HEC Paris, Class of 2013


Success Stories – IIM Lucknow

Deepali Ma’am guided me through the interview process and I owe a large part of my getting selected to IIML to her. Due to her vast and successful experience, the feedback provided by her was precise, concise and blunt and helped me identify my areas of improvement. She is very passionate about teaching – we worked on iterations of application forms till 4a.m. in the night. Converting a call requires you to do a number of things, but the most important of them all is following her instructions to the letter.

– Mustafa Rangwala, IIM Lucknow 

Success Stories – IIM Indore


When I joined Deepali Ma’am, around a year back; only I know who I was (or rather where I stood as compared to others) and what were my chances of converting a decent enough B-School (let alone an IIM). I had nothing extraordinary on my resume apart from the fact that I had written a book. However, Deepali Ma’am taught me the fabulous art (in a way only she can) of making the interviewer ask you the questions that actually you want him to ask you. Moreover, the application of the things taught by her doesn’t just end when one converts an interview; it lives on (molding one into a better person day-by-day) in ways that can’t be explained and one has to experience that for self.

 – Shaishav Solanki, IIM Indore. Author of the book – ‘Mission Known’


Deepali Mam is the one force behind so many students making it to their dream institutes every year. For me, she is my mentor and one of the few people I turn to when I need advice or inspiration. She can be one of the most difficult people to impress, but for people who put in the effort, she is one of the best people to guide them when it comes to Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. She has the patience and the ability to find and bring out the best in an individual. An amazing teacher, but a better person. Thank you mam for always being there. 

 – Kunal Vadhani, IIM Indore.


“Deepali Ma’am’s clinical feedback to my essays helped me know exactly where the problem lay. I loved the way she helped me help myself prepare the essays for my PIs rather than spoonfeeding me with the tailor-made ones. It made me far more confident and sure of my interview performaces than I would have been otherwise. Her extremely valueable tips on how to devise my interview strategy alongwith ‘subtlties during an interview’ like the voice modulation, body language, etc. have held me in good stead ever since. “

 – Sadaf Siddiqui, IIM Indore.


I consider it my great fortune that I was introduced to Deepali Ma’am so early in my career as a student, professional and an entrepreneur. What I have gained from her goes well-beyond the scope of the Personal Interview and Group Discussion preparation. Her wealth of experience and the deep understanding of how corporate India functions make sessions with her full of insight and terrific learning

 – Ankit Doshi, IIM Indore. (Works with Bank of America Merrill Lynch)


I will always be indebted to Deepali ma’am for getting me into the habit of reading. It’s been almost 5 years now since I’ve known her and my hunger for reading books has grown tenfold since then.Deepali ma’am has been one of the most important teachers in my life; critical, methodological, assertive and most importantly very encouraging. I’ll always remember the out of the box GD topics that you gave us, the amount of scribbling on my essay answers and the confounding PI sessions. But most importantly, the feedback that you gave helped us learn and grow.

 – Bhavin Shah, IIM Indore. (Works with Edelweiss Capital)



Success Stories – XLRI Jamshedpur


Pre MBA and post MBA job selection processes are tricky. I totally credit my success to Ma’am who taught us the approach that gave us the edge against the competition. She shaped us right from scratch to face them with ease. With the level of practice, detail and personal attention one gets, I can easily say a student under her guidance is in the best hands. She has been a teacher, friend and a motivator – who helped us reach beyond our true potential. 

– Jigar Parekh, XLRI Jamshedpur.


Although Deepali ma’am helped me for the admission interviews, I felt her inputs were useful even for future GDs or interviews I appeared for, because she gave excellent feedback on my overall profile.

– Miti Vaidya, XLRI Jamshedpur, TAS Manager


I was coached by Deepali Ma’am in 2008-09, and her coaching has helped me enter XLRI (Batch 2009-11) as well as in all my subsequent selection processes. There are 3 key points that benefited me from her coaching: 1) Clarity of purpose – She stressed on the ‘why’ and helped me structure my thought process better 2) Confidence in preparation – She was very thorough in evaluating my preparation, helping me develop in my improvement areas 3) Surprise Management –A key area in any interview, where practice and good guidance helps. Her interviewing style is not one which you can prepare for with the help of theory, and that’s what truly stretches you and develops you.

– Akhil Dave, XLRI Jamshedpur.


Deepali ma’am was a incredible facilitator in un-muddling my thought process for the personal interviews, with her years of experience helping me waddle through the intricacies of the b-school admission system. You would want to exceed yourself just to be worthy of her critique!

– Ankur Gupta, XLRI Jamshedpur, TAS Manager


Success Stories – FMS Delhi


When I first met her, I was terrorized by her stern voice and strict manner; but as I got to know her better, she is one of the coolest teachers around. Her simple motto is ‘I can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself’. Deepali ma’am truly believes that if she gives everything custom made, we would never learn. I owe my admission in FMS to her. All the mock interview and group discussion gyaan I got from her is still helping me to crack my placement interviews and will stay with me throughout my life. Thank you Ma’am.

 – Akshita Jain, FMS Delhi

Success Stories – SPJIMR Mumbai


The right PI coaching helps strike a fine balance between content and presentation. It’s not about knowing more. Rather about delivering what you know in best possible manner for maximum impact. I am fortunate to have been mentored by a great team in this regard. Frequent mock interviews prompted me to read on a wide range of issues and talk confidently on those issues. They also improved my ability to give crisp and relevant answers- Nitisha Dhawan, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Batch of 2010; Associate Consultant, KPMG

 – Nitisha Dhawan, SPJIMR Mumbai



My complete credit for GD & PI preparation goes to Deepali Ma’m. She made me realize that it is one thing to have a good profile, but another thing to project it in a manner to create an impression in a 30 minute interaction. Being so closely connected to the industry, her advice was always a mix of academia and business world. I cannot stress the importance of the way she made me realize that “Every question is an opportunity”. And I carry her advice and interviewing experience even today to crack the recruitment interviews. Extremely grateful for your help!

– Nihir Nemani, SPJIMR Mumbai


Deepali ma’am helped me tremendously with my preparation for application to colleges for MBA. She has a vast experience with coaching for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. Coaching with her increased my self-confidence enormously. She never accepts sub-standard work and persistently pushes her students until they achieve their best. Her attention to detail ensures that the students cover all the bases and nothing is missed. Over the years, her strong work ethics have been instrumental in helping a number of students achieve their dreams. 

 – Chaman Pansari, SPJIMR Mumbai



Success Stories – IIM Kozhikode


I’ll try putting it three points that set you apart. One, your ability to look at each one of us individually and develop us to our own strengths rather than what the panel would like to hear from a mould. Generally most of us come from similar backgrounds, yet you helped me maintain my individuality, and that was always a standout, in my CAT gd/pi’s as well as further in all of my gd/pi within IIM’s as well. Two, would be the your ability to enthuse me, to believe in my own abilities and to move away from the type casted mould of what should be done. Finally the third would be you as the individual, your sharp insights, the depth of your knowledge helped me get an edge in my preparation. The amount of hard work you put in with us, is at least the same as us if not more. 

 – Shivam Nayak, IIM Kozhikode – Gold Medalist (Works with CitiBank)


It’s not just B-school GD/PI  preparation, it’s a lifelong learning on successfully negotiating any interview. The training provided was so thorough that it helped me be prepared for all possible interviews in life from campus placement interviews to all subsequent job interviews. It’s such a training that gives you an edge in a extremely competitive scenario.  Its brought me to a position wherein most cases I am aware of what to expect in interviews and what sort of preparation needs to be put in.

 – Kaveesh Thakkar, IIM Kozhikode (Worked with Deutsche Bank, Currently with E & Y)


Back To The Course – MBA Interview Prep With Deepali Naair