Defining and Focusing on the DNA to achieve success, by Mr. Anand Purusothaman

On 13th September 2014, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, had the privilege of hosting a guest lecture by Mr. Anand Purusothaman, CEO, Payoda Technologies.

Mr. Anand earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore and master’s degree in industrial engineering – Human Factors from Clemson University, South Carolina.

The bucket of his varied experiences includes over 15 years of experience in Wall Street firms where he spearheaded development of trading & post trade systems for MBS/CDS/IRS. He was a key technologist in various start-ups, notably Tradeweb, an online trading platform, before he founded Payoda Technologies in 2005. Starting with only 10 employees; he took Payoda Technologies to a level of 600+ in less than three years and further keeps a vision 2020 to make it a billion dollar company.

A leader with foresight, Mr. Anand has groomed teams with expertise in multiple technologies like cloud for which Payoda was rated “Top 5 cloud start-up in India”.

He is an Apex member of the Art of Living foundation and is closely involved in the Art of Living initiatives. He actively engages in CSR initiatives, adopts villages and drives the villages to self-sustenance model.

He travels globally and builds relationships promoting the Business as well as socio economic reforms. Mr. Anand is an active member of (NASSCOM) & TiE Coimbatore chapter.


The session grabbed the student’s attention right from the beginning when Mr. Anand announced that, unlike the usual sessions, he will not be using any presentation and the prospect of hearing the creation of Payoda Technologies straight from the horse’s mouth. Mr. Anand started the session with the beautiful lines, “Entrepreneurship should be close to the heart of the Entrepreneur”, like software being close to his heart when he started Payoda Technologies.

Next, he focused on the concept of recognizing the DNA of your company and how focusing on it alone can lead to the success of your company. With examples of companies like Google, Apple, Infosys etc., he made us understand the importance of identifying one’s DNA and how focusing on what one does best can make one evolve as the best. Thus, highlighting on the concept of purity of pursuit in one’s DNA.

The DNA of Payoda Technologies is to build enterprise B2B products for the western market. Hence, the company doesn’t build websites like other software companies, but totally focuses on building products alone. What Payoda followed was strength management or “Dharma” – looking out to your strengths when starting a company.

Taking the discussion further, he went on to discuss the spiritual aspect that brought the change in him and thus, Payoda. The happiness course from the Art of Living sessions taught him how breadth is the link between the mind and the emotions and how controlling the breadth pattern can control the emotions. Thus, one performs the best when in a natural or fearless state.

Mr. Anand concluded the session on the note to the students to always be multidimensional in life to succeed and if one has a dream to be an entrepreneur, pursue it early in life to achieve success.


All in all, the session turned out to be a very informative and enriching experience not only for the budding entrepreneurs but each and every student at VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur, where each had some valuable lesson to take back from the session.

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