A Delightful Classroom Experience – IIM Rohtak

I had an experience of 18 years of class participation before coming to B-school, right from LKG till my Under Graduation, after which I moved into a work-life culture where the targets matter more than my interests. I got busy with the day-to-day schedule; I never used to get an opportunity to skip my office work as it ruins my bread & Butter.

Busy schedules continued till 5 years and later on, IIM Rohtak has given me another opportunity to become a student again. I was excited like any other guys would have, but couldn’t get rid of apprehensions that circled around me. The questions always ponder me- Is it good to have a break in the career? Would shift in the career bring the fruitful result to me at this juncture of my life? Well, I left these questions to be answered by my destiny itself. With a lot of enthusiasm, I stepped onto the campus and entered into my first class which was a “Marketing class”. The day before a senior wished me “Best of Luck! “ with a sarcastic face, by knowing about my first class professor, Prof. Shivendra Kumar Pandey (popularly known as S.K.P).

So, I reached the class 5 minutes before its start as I was aware of the consequences of being late. I also realized that every member of the class is also aware of the consequences as I could see 90% of the class strength being present before I arrived. All of them sat according to their seating arrangements as decided by the PGP office. I could see all around new and nervous faces looking at each other and introducing themselves to their neighbors.

All of the sudden we heard a loud noise of shutting a door by Professor(in front of student’s face who was trying to enter the class after the professor) then followed a pin-drop silence in the entire classroom. The professor adjusted the classroom mic and glanced up the entire class and gave instructions about the course. After which he pointed out a student and asked- “Who are you?” The student got up from his chair and started describing himself and he was cut down by the professor and pointed some other student and asked the same question. This student too started describing himself and he was also cut down by the professor and asked him a specific question- “Sir, have you read the case which was shared yesterday? If so let us know who are you?” The poor student hadn’t read the case as his joining was late due to some personal reasons and explained the same thing to the professor.

With a smile, the Prof S.K.P asked the class- “Who all didn’t read the case please raise your hands”. Three more hands were raised displaying their honesty to the class. Prof. S.K.P then requested those four students to leave the class without wasting the class’s time. The Professor signalled to the class clearly that if you want to be in the class you should earn it to be there. Then he pointed out a student and asked the same question – “ Sir, who are you? What is today’s date? What do you do?” This time the student replied to those questions and there continued the class discussion on the case. What is the dilemma the protagonist is facing and how you take an optimal decision if you were in protagonist shoes? By the end of the class, all the class came up with a decision on how to solve the managerial dilemma arisen in the case.

It was a memorable experience! I never experienced any class before with a practical approach. A lot of insights from the participants were taken from the class, and all the knowledge of 60 (students)+1 (professor) was shared within a stipulated time of 1 hour 15 minutes. Now after that class I was relaxed a bit as the apprehensions around me started busting out, realized the importance of the decision which I took to enter “IIM Rohtak”. The class answered me – “when I leave IIM Rohtak, I will definitely come out with good decision maker”. The class also taught me to be disciplined, punctual and brought an extrovert from me.

Thanks to Prof. S.K .P and IIM Rohtak for giving me a memorable class!

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would be eager to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. It is operative across the country with 520+ Supermarkets, 20+ Hypermarkets and 20 million club membership leave a wider space to gain experience in the analytics domain. Also due to advancements in technology like Blockchain, IoT there is wide scope for R&D as the future retail scenario will be transforming into a new business space. The costs which were in use to automate the business process can be effectively reduced with Blockchain. The business model would be changing in future for the retail industry due to advancements in blockchain technologies. Being a part of analytics team in Aditya Birla Retail Limited I could get good opportunity to work on new technologies and simultaneously bring about early break-through for the company.