Delphique 2014 presents Information Management Panel in association with Aricent

Delphique, the Management Convention Festival of MDI, Gurgaon, in association with numerous big corporate names has launched various research panels this year. One of them is the Information Management Research Panel in association with Aricent. The research topic is “Working on OpenStack Threat Modelling to understand the security aspects of data on the cloud.”

Cloud computing is one of the fasted growing segments of the IT industry. However with increase in sensitive data about individuals and companies being placed on the cloud, more relevant and vital becomes the need for data security. As with other major business decisions, an enterprise must evaluate the benefits and be prepared to address any risks and challenges cloud adoption brings.

OpenStack has grown to be a global software community of developers collaborating on a standard and massively scalable open source cloud operating system.  As companies rapidly shift to the new framework, a security analysis of the same becomes imperative to understand how safe actually our data is. For implementing the study, the  research team is devising a methodology to be followed during the course of study.

The objectives of this Research Panel are to seek answers to questions such as: the security threats that are faced by the current cloud frameworks and how OpenStack addresses them, identifying the threats and weaknesses in OpenStack cloud framework and the possible solutions to problems/weaknesses/issues, identifying how OpenStack doing differently from peer frameworks to provide a secure environment for storing sensitive data and  finally on the basis on the analysis, which data center management framework appears to be the most secure for cloud storage. Mr. Prashant Upadhyaya, Director, Technology at Aricent shall be guiding the research team during the course of the research.

About Aricent: Aricent develops software and provides technology services to application, infrastructure, and service providers with operations in 19 countries worldwide. The company licenses its own software products for use in telecommunications design, manufacturing, and service with 40+ years’ design experience through frog, including products for Apple, Disney, GE, HP, Sony, and many other Fortune 500 brands. Aricent has been ranked as top exports in the Top 20 IT services export firms in India in terms of total revenue in the 24th annual survey conducted by Dataquest, CyberMedia group journal in July 2010. Aricent Technologies is ranked top branded in Indian IT companies and ranked top in the Fortune India 500 list in 2011.

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