Did you miss Kellogg’s Anaaj ka Nashta campaign in partnership with Meru cab service?

Ask any B-school graduate about how Kellogg’s found it hard to enter Indian market and one might get an entire account of what happened.  It was indeed difficult for Kellogg’s to get inside the Indian households where breakfast tables are adorned with plates of Poha, Upma, Parantha and Dosa.

But recently I came across a BTL sampling activation of Kellogg’s which might be a good example of right intervention in the consumers’ mind at the right place and at the right time. This campaign was run only through cab advertising.

This activation however small in terms of reach and investment had capacity to reach the right target audience and induce trial of Kellogg’s into the daily lives of the people and also delight the customers using the product, already.

Campaign details

Free breakfast meal box with milk and container to eat
Free breakfast meal box with milk and container to eat
Meru Cab with Kellogg's campaign
Meru Cab with Kellogg’s campaign


Image Source: afaqs.com

Type: BTL activation (Cab advertising/Sampling)

Name: Anaaj ka Nashta

Description: Free Anaaj ka Nashta pack for cabs booked for pick-up between 5AM and 9AM. An SMS is sent to the passenger informing about the cab being equipped with a free breakfast. Pack consists of a small Kellogg’s Muesli packet (new variant) along with 100 ml milk carton. Chauffeurs trained to make the passengers comfortable, also providing with sanitizers and scissors. The campaign focuses on the message – ‘Importance of having breakfast everyday’

Running period: Dec 2013 – April 2014

Kellogg's and Meru tie-up with perfect key elements
Kellogg’s and Meru tie-up with perfect key elements


Right Target audience

There can be no better target for breakfast meal than early morning travellers who mostly start in wee hours without eating much for breakfast. They are either early office-goers who are there in the city for a short time or people catching an early morning flight (frequent flyers). The timings of the free breakfast meal and the user of Meru cabs clearly defines the target audience as early morning travellers generally to airports who have a tendency to skip breakfast to make it to their destinations on time.

Right intervention

The free breakfast meal sure does act as a customer delight for the early risers starving for a quick bite before starting a long day. By identifying this need, Kellogg’s breakfast meal is the perfect intervention in the consumer’s radio cab journey.

Right partnership

Choosing a right partner for any campaign is extremely important and this campaign isn’t any exception. Meru, which is the No. 1 radio cab service in India, fits aptly in this case.  Meru in this case also had a derivable benefit for themselves through this campaign. Radio cab business, today, has many players making it difficult to differentiate and stay ahead. The free breakfast meal surely will be a value addition and a differentiation to their existing service.

The campaign had a perfect mix to be a potentially successful endeavour for Kellogg’s but eventually it metamorphosed into the unrelated Anaaj Ka Nashta campaign, which was heavily publicized all over.

Possible improvements

1. Exploring the potential in Social Media

Campaigns such as these have a great Social Virality Quotient. But absence of a proper medium for the delighted consumer played a significant role in curbing the viral nature of the campaign. The above picture demonstrates the stickers put on the head of the seat in the cab. The message of the campaign is clearly conveyed through the campaign. Although, consumers who get delighted to get the free breakfast meal are left on their own without any encouragement to share their experience with others. Something like “Share your breakfast experience with us on xyz.com” or “Tweet your experience with #PowerofBreakfast” would have at least made this campaign noticeable to others on the social media space. With ‘Selfies’ being the new ‘in’ thing these days, a ‘Selfie with the breakfast meal’ contest would have been a hit on Instagram.

Not tapping social media properly led to lack of data capturing from the consumers in form of testimonials and experiences. Also, they missed an opportunity to gain valuable insights from the consumers about their new product which eventually would have helped in the succeeding campaign.

Following are the only tweets related to the campaign:




2. Renaming the campaign

Agreed Kellogg’s is trying to find space on the common Indian’s breakfast table for years. But this campaign could have had a different name to it. Anaaj ka Nashta could have been renamed as ‘Discover the Power of breakfast’ for this bit of the campaign separating it completely from the original campaign. This would have ensured a brand connect with the target audience of corporates and early travellers. Cornflakes is still perceived to be as a non-Indian way of breakfast. Naming the campaign in Hindi is still a longshot for achieving consumer acceptance of cornflakes cereal in the Indian way of eating.

3. Aligning with the parent campaign

Once this sampling campaign was over, Kellogg’s launched Anaaj ka Nashta campaign across all the media focusing on helping children realize the power of breakfast. This shows a complete turnaround in terms of the target audience for Kellogg’s (from corporate to children). This might be a better decision considering the fact that indulging a habit in a  child is easier than adults and once a child starts accepting cornflakes in the breakfast, Kellogg’s would have acquired the child as a consumer for long term.

The following sums up the campaign which truly had the potential to make it nationally but could not achieve what it deserved.



 skotan_Thumbs_up_smiley  Thumbs_down_smiley2

Target Audience

Providing an adequate environment for social sharing of the delighted experience

Choosing the right partner for the target audience

Name of the campaign not in sync with the target audience

Free breakfast meal adding to the delight for the consumer

Sampling activity not getting attention to scaling up to a larger campaign

– Tejas



Tejas Chaudhari is currently working at Audi India. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow (2013 batch). Cricket passionate and a Social Media enthusiast. You can read his blog markidharhai.blogspot.in



Tejas Chaudhari

Currently working at Audi India. IIM Lucknow (2013 batch). Cricket passionate and a Social Media enthusiast. You can follow my others posts on markidharhai.blogspot.in



Sandeep Kumar

I really do not understand what “anaaj” means nor whats “nashta” . There are atleast another 12 crore people who are like me who dont understand what the campaign is all about since we do not understand what it means except for the pictures with happy kids and their mothers. Unless these companies start writing English in English or Hindi in Hindi, it is bound to confuse mundane souls like me. Please realise localization of campaigns is really important or for gods sake do a national campaign in English. Not an National Campaign in Hindi written in English, which server only confused desi otherwise called NRIs.

Vikas Singh

Random B-School gas. Passing judgments on a campaign which is still at a very nascent stage is rather immature, almost childish, almost making the author fall into the target segment for Chocos.
Kellogg’s has a very lean marketing team of which the digital marketing team forms a very small fraction. Hence, every new campaign is an added responsibility on the already overstretched resources.
Do-this-do-that-on-social-media has been part of the global gyan at B-Schools for ages now. I seriously don’t see the point. A customer wants a cab at dawn, he calls the cab, the operator asks if he’s interested in breakfast and if he is, he is charged 100 rupees for a box of cereal, milk, spoon and a bowl. Where does social media fit in here? It’s a need-gap fill. The overall strategy is to move from in-the-home to on-the-go, the later seeing growth at a much faster pace. The idea isn’t to promote the Kellogg’s brand, it is to make sales and rake in the moolah.
Finally, I agree that ‘Anaj ka nashta’ isn’t all that it takes to reach a desi’s breakfast table. However, it is a good start.