Digital Marketing of a Product – 5 Trends

Digital marketing centers on the Internet, which has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful marketing. The Internet can be used both to push a message to someone like email, IM, RSS, and voice broadcast, as well to “pull” content serving a banner ad and Pay per Click search terms. Marketing campaigns using both Push and Pull Internet technology is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing has no boundaries. It encompasses devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, televisions, digital billboards, and media such as social media, SEO (search engine optimization), videos, content, email and lots more. Digital marketing can be cost-effective, but to make it really efficient here are five trends


Location-based Marketing

This makes use of GPS  technology to deliver multimedia content tailored to the geographical location straight to the potential customer’s mobile device. This helps to cater more specifically to users’ needs, and both marketers and consumers are expecting more of this in 2014. Already there are social apps including, Path, and Foursquare that provide vital consumer data.


Social Media Diversification

Network such as Pintrest, Google+, Instagram are on the surge apart from the traditional Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. Social media is an integral part of many marketing campaigns but it will only further increase year on year. Paid advertising will also increase exponentially as the Internet penetration in India increases.


Content Cu-ration

There are many content discovery apps available like Flipboard, Pulse, Foodspotting, and Fancy which help users tweak the feeds by merchants and businesses that to according to their contexts and interests. Data is filtered and customized information platforms are curated by users according to their needs that the business requires. This is set to become another important trend in 2014 and provide potential customers with greater engagement with the business and in the long run increase customer value.


More Video Marketing

Videos can convey a message ten times more powerfully than text content, though persuasive content is in a much higher league. Video marketing is already popular but it will get more so in 2014. Vine is a service that allows marketers six seconds of time within which they need to market their product through a video. Vine is set to grow massively in popularity among marketers next year. You’ve got YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to capitalize on and Instagram and Snapchat also have video options in their app.


Re-marketing or Ad Re-targeting

Marketers looking to convert web traffic are turning to re-marketing. First time visitors to business websites mostly do not become customers. It’s estimated that first visits only result in 2 percent of the conversions. Re-targeting is therefore emerging as a very essential element of digital marketing. Re-marketing basically helps marketers target potential customers who visited their site but failed to convert. It helps them display their products or services on websites they may potentially visit.



Money spent on Digital Media:

The online advertising market in India is projected to reach Rs 2,938 crore by March 2014, The online advertising market in India, comprising search, display, mobile, social media, email and video advertising, which was valued at Rs 1,750 crore in March, 2012 has grown by 29% over the previous year to reach Rs 2,260 crore by March, 2013.

As in 2012, search and display advertising continued to form a large portion of the overall pie in FY 2012-2013. However, their percentage share has declined somewhat owing to the rise in the mobile, social media and video advertising.

Even though traditional media like television and newspapers still remain the preferred media for seeking information and entertainment and hog more than 80% of the advertising market in India, the Internet has been steadily increasing its share of the advertising pie.



“As new technological developments affect every aspect of how business are run, IT departments are being integrated into the center of the every business structure. I keenly follow the strategy and the constant innovation of companies in the Information Technology sector “- Raghavender Sridhar


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