How Dinner Table Talk Led To A Prize-Winning Idea | Rivigo Nexus 2nd Runners-Up From IIM Shillong

From hatching the breakthrough idea to making sure all the pieces fit perfectly to presenting the solution to a panel of experts, participating in a case study competition is among the most exciting and enriching experiences while studying in a B-School. Bagging a prize only sweetens the deal further, and who better to share the experience than the achievers of IIM Shillong. Team Ginger Ninjas comprising Ajinkya Deshpande, CSV Chaitanya Reddy, Jatin Pahwa, and Sindhura Siravan S, the second Runners-Up at RIVIGO Nexus take us on the journey from conceptualizing to presenting.

How the idea struck

When you are in a management institute, the topics of discussions are diverse, ranging from sports to world problems to what’s happening in a particular industry. Irrespective of whether you are in a classroom or at the dinner table, conversations with your peer group have a huge impact on how you see the world, the problems you identify, and how you go about solving them. During one such discussion, our team came across what’s happening in the supply chain and logistics sector. We spoke about how technology-enabled fleets guided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now being used and how some start-ups have capitalised on them to make significant inroads in the transportation industry. So, when Rivigo Nexus was floated in our campus, we already had an inkling that we have something exciting to work on.


Fine-tuning the solution

The case required us to brainstorm on how a venturing third Person Logistics firm should approach the industry and which verticals it should focus on. This exposed us to a plethora of problems that each vertical is facing currently. What followed was a session of heavy discussions and interactions with a lot of people from our proposed industry. This thorough research helped us get through to the second round wherein we had to go one step further and propose some innovative pricing models for our offering. A mentor was assigned to our team, who enabled us to see the problem from a totally different perspective altogether. He was patient enough to answer all our doubts and helped us to finetune our proposal. Finally, the day arrived when we had to present our proposal to a team of experts from Rivigo.


The Rivigo Nexus experience 

It was an enriching experience, to say the least, as it allowed us to apply concepts and fundamentals that we learned in classrooms to a live business problem. The nature of the case was such that it kept us hooked all the time and thus made sure that we gave it our best shot. Finally, our efforts paid off and we were declared as the second runners-up. It is a dream that every participant has, to win a national level business competition and we thank Rivigo for providing us a platform to prove ourselves!



Team Ginger Ninjas

PGP17 Participants, IIM Shillong