Directive, Deductive, And Demonstrative – Memorable Lecture At NITIE

Up until now I had experienced the expository method of teaching. The technique is conventional and it involves three elements of being directive, deductive and demonstrative. In NITIE I have now experienced a different kind, the “exploratory” method of teaching. This method is inductive, reflective, and constructive. It was the first day of our business communication class. I along with my classmates was waiting for the faculty to come in our regular classroom. Then we were informed that we need to attend

this lecture in a different room. The moment I entered the new allotted lecture room I saw no desk, no chair just the stairs inside covered with the carpet. It was a small auditorium with a big platform like a stage in front. Our teacher entered the class and told this empty space signifies that we have no barrier in between us which meant we should feel comfortable in interacting with others. The class started with some group task and then with some feedback from our teacher. The interesting part of this class was the initiative taken to learn on our own. The whole class involved in the activities meanwhile learning theoretical concepts by its practical application. This class was different rather than learning from the slides, blackboard or jotting down the lecture I was involved in assessing, analyzing and reflecting on what I learned from my experience of the class. It was not like we were following a syllabus for the sake of completing the course rather we were told to choose what we want to learn from this class, how

learning here will help us further in our lives. The activity like group discussions helps us in building team work and in better understanding of others opinion. Communication doesn’t involve just your words it involves the body language too and I am still learning this in my class. The first day was odd but at the same time, it was an adventure this was one of the times when the class wasn’t all about the lectures rather we – the students were the one to initiate the class and the faculty facilitated in our learning by creating awareness and giving feedback.

Which ABG company would you like to work for and why?

I would like to work with Indo Gulf. Being a part of ABG is an honour and working for Indo Gulf is the pride. About 43% of Indians are directly involved in agriculture and yet they lack proper infrastructure and facilities. I would like to be a part of fraternity which extends its reach towards the development in this premier sector. I like to be innovative and want to add value to the work just like Indo Gulf which believes in entrepreneurial skill and core focus on customer values.

-Aparajit Kumar