The Director’s Dinner – MDI

There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last.

  • Robert Louis Stevenson

On 22 June 2018, one fine Friday evening which was cleared of clouds, full of doubts and everyone was confused what the night holds for the invitees. The batch of 2018-20 was invited by the Director of MDI, Gurgaon on Dinner to welcome the newly inducted students of MDI (also known as ManDevians). But the road to this day was never intended to be easy.

The entire journey is dated back to July 2017, from where the preparation for CAT was initiated. Numerous hours of study and the uphill task of balancing the daily routine led to the final showdown of CAT 2017 examination. This paved way to be part of one of the best B-schools of the nation. But, if one had this ideology that the road ahead would be easier than what it had been in the past days, then there’s a congratulatory note waiting as those have fallen into the trap.

The entry into the campus of such an esteemed institution with signatory buildings of great value instilled the feeling of a great life ahead but the day after started the Induction process which blew the dreams of enjoyment, delight, and fulfillment into ashes, metaphorically.

The life at MDI started with a message of the Director stating the importance of studies and the academic rigor one need to put in, to succeed in the next two years, which ultimately helps in shaping our careers. Though at that moment, the words were easily understandable but tougher to decipher. The next 8 days in the campus of MDI were full of academic sessions by professors, guest lectures by esteemed business personalities and professional interactions with the senior batch. This experience aided in understanding the importance of the rigor being talked earlier, and a doubt crept deep inside the mind regarding the speed of the watches that whether they are still running at the same pace. Those glorious 8 days were being concluded by the Director’s Dinner and for a gourmet like me, it was a delight but there were several doubts clouding the imaginations for the food.

The evening started with various dishes but only after the addresses from the esteemed dignitaries. When people started to think that the night is about to end, then came the real scenario in front of the audience. Various full-fledged performances by the senior students of MDI, Gurgaon which included various songs in both Hindi and English, solo and group dance performance and a surprise in store of the attendees. The audience was asked to perform and people joined them enthusiastically and in the meantime, fellow gourmets also started giving their best at what they love, judging the food. After the awe-inspiring events of the entire night and delicious food being served, the new inductees were given open floor and everyone jumped on the trendiest beats served. The night acted as a bridge for people to break their shackles and served its purpose to welcome the new crop of the institution, the new age of ManDevIans.

Which company would the student want to work for and why?

The company I would be looking forward to opting for is Idea Cellular Limited.

The reason behind choosing Idea over various wonderful companies of Aditya Birla Group because I feel more connected to Idea. The recognition and strategies, the company has employed various time like the mega-merger deal in such phase of adversity in the telecom sector have been an excellent case of Business development. Another reason is the initiatives Idea chose to create the impact and indicate their privilege of adapting the technology while showcasing the actual issues of people. This helps in understanding the message easily, which is being conveyed by the firm as well as increase the consumer connect, which ultimately benefits the organization. Also, the company has never been part of any allegations and a consistent performer, even in the time of price wars.

These qualities are similar to mine like adaptable to scenarios, creative in nature and easy to approach, who can provide solutions, enhancing their quality of life. These things made me more inclined towards Idea, current third largest market shareholder (and future market share leader), after all, “An Idea can change your Life!”