The Diversity At The SIBM Pune Campus Makes It Unique – Srikant Kunthipuram

A Proper Education

Let us start this little piece with how we define a proper education. I suppose the first thing you learn at a B-school is that it can mean a myriad of things to the myriad people that you meet. For some, it means nothing but the end they seek, while for others it is all about the means that they use to seek said end. I, personally, tend to fall in the latter category. It is my belief that a good education is the sum of all the experiences it offers. And that is exactly what the sprawling Lavale campus of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune has to offer.

Spread over 300 acres of a beautiful hill, we have a magnificent campus that has everything from strange creepy crawlies to picturesque scenes of the surrounding hills. But this is not what I am going to talk about for the truth is that this is true of most b-school campuses. So what is it that makes our campus worth its salt. It is the fact I can have my lunch in the campus mess on a table next to a student from a media communication school, one from a sports sciences school, one from telecom management and one from banking and finance, not to forget the school of photography. It is the opportunity we have to see and understand the perspectives of students who have chosen to walk much narrower paths and possibly have much greater focus in where they wish to be in the future.

The vibrancy of this beautiful campus was best exemplified as early as my first week in the campus as I spent my evenings playing football with students from the School of Sports Science and the night collaborating with students of the School of Media and Communication on how we would like to cover the World Cup for the campus. There is so much opportunity to collaborate with students here that it promises a wonderful experience to even the most passive of students.

My millennial sensibilities have always had me inclined towards experiences, and this beautiful campus has promised me an invaluable treasure trove of the same for the next two exciting years.

Which ABG Company would you like to work for and why?

The Aditya Birla Group Company that I feel I would enjoy working for is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL).

The reason for this being that the company has a wide range of established brands across a number of price points.
With brands like Louise Phillipe and Van Heusen, coupled with Peter England go through the entire work lifecycle of a person and have a very familiar feel to them.
Even the casual wear sector has a strong presence in the form of Pantaloons, voted ‘India’s Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand’ (Brand Equity Survey 2014-15), and Planet Fashion.
Being a marketing major, working for ABFRL would be an excellent opportunity to gain some valuable experience and hone my skills.

– Srikant Kunthipuram

Marketing, SIBM Pune

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