The Diversity In Lakes – IIFT

The day I took my first step towards exploring new world & adventures at IIFT Kolkata was a memorable moment for me. It was the biggest day of my life, the anxiety, fear, nervousness and myriads of questions but no answers. The main & funny part of the first day is an introduction you wish to put your best foot forward but when your turn arrives you feel a sudden rush and your heartbeat increases & nervousness surrounds. The scenic view of campus which you viewed in pictures is now a reality and mesmerizing you with the greenery and beautiful lakes. Trust me someone from Gurugram would love to be here – a place with such calmness, fresh air, lakes and a beautiful masterpiece at the entry. The well-maintained gardens are an added value. The architectural design of the building Is appealing with water bodies. The well-equipped classrooms and Audi enable the students to study with help of technology.

I knew MBA as an experience would be an enriching and a great learning experience but the very first few weeks would teach me so much was just a booster to work harder. MBA is not just about studying it is about multi-tasking. The professor’s at IIFT are my new inspiration, the fact that they don’t wish to spoon feed knowledge but want an interactive class for learning from each other.

These few weeks were an introduction to the chapter where I begin my opening paragraph of life and I am ready for the future to face many triumph & tribulations.


ABG Company:

“Fashion is perhaps the very first expression of the success of a free nation. Fashion is a celebration and a joy. It is an expression that can manifest itself in different ways for different people and these ways are forever evolving.” I agree about these lines from Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail that expressing one is important and being a part of this would help me evolve myself. I would love to work with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail ltd. always wanted to work in retail because I like to interact with different people, there is no other place where you will get such an opportunity for networking. Not only does it makes you confident in your outside life but also helps to understand human psychology in a much better way.

I would get to understand trends & people choices right away as it directly affects your business. Working in marketing for the company would put me in a situation to make quick yet effective decisions and think “out of the box”.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee