Divided By Sections, United By Sports – IIM Indore: Akhil Yadav

Summers were over, two terms were gone, but still, we felt like it was yesterday when we came to this beautiful and happening campus. Two terms were gone, and we all were waiting to get over with PGP-1. Winter has arrived in Indore and so the cheerfulness, group talks were reduced at the canteen, Rather people preferred to prepare Maggie and stay in bed for the entire day. Then the mail from Sports Committee cherished the moment by announcing the section wars. Section wars is an annual sports event organized by the Sports Committee of IIM Indore. The event consists of all the major events like cricket, football, badminton etc. But the flagship event “Frisbee” attracted the audience like never before. All our track-pants, sportswear were out of the box, and we were ready for the ice-breaker event of Cricket. The event witnessed massive audiences, and all were cheering for their sections. Hooting or sledging become common as the games moved forward. The proud sense of being in a section was reflected in the loud cheering in the audience as well as players. Gradually all the events started to happen simultaneously. We didn’t want to miss any event so had to rush to the new place as soon as one game got over. The excitement was over the wall, and we were becoming a true sports fan. We never thought of such a moment before coming to this campus. Winning in the field and seeing our team at the top of the leaderboard was something which everyone was dreaming of.

After a long tiring day, the nights were made for the formation of next day strategy and party at night mess. The whole section sitting at one table having was one hell of a feeling. Dinner, team formation, cheering, shouting at the peak of our voice, competing, showing aggression at the right place was becoming a part of our life. At the end of the tournament, no matter who won who lost, but we realized the importance of sports in our life and promised to continue the sports culture at IIM Indore and play regularly.

In the end, I would say it was one of the most memorable weeks of the year. We came as an individual then divided into eight sections. But, at the end of the sports tournament, we were united in teams.

My Dream Company:

When I think of associating myself with ABG, the first name which comes to my mind is “Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Limited”. I have seen the joy of a couple, get togetherness of a family, and craziness of friends at ABFRL stores. From the bold stores of Louis Philippe to the colourful stores of Pantaloons, ABFRL is for everyone. It makes the moments memorable and what else could be the best job in the world other than making people happy. Clothes are something which allows one to express himself without words and I believe working in such an organization; I can make a few faces happier.

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