Diwali Celebrations At SIBM-B

Light always prevails over the dark, occasions like these reinforce that belief. It transcends religious boundaries and reinvigorates faith in all.

Diwali celebrations in a college hostel, a first for me. Diwali was always about family and the essence of the festival in celebrating it with my family, the absence of which would inadvertently dampen the joy, but this year as a student of SIBM B, Diwali celebrations envisaged the formation of a new bond, a shared community which would face the headwinds of life at Business school together. The festival of lights saw a multiplicity of colours, as my batch mates and I dressed in our best and gathered for aarti, at home its usually my mother who makes sure all the festivities are taken care off, for us students it was committee responsible for student’s welfare that made Diwali celebrations a homely affair. Candles and diyas augmented the ambience as we made sure that our home away for home was decorated to unmatched opulence. While some of us lit up diyas others made sure that the rangoli with its many colours displayed the plurality of students at SIBM-B, as those of us from foreign lands actively took part in the festivities. Music and games soon followed suit, musical chair the staple of family celebrations, was an integral part of the celebrations, as the junior and seniors played together. Dance, which has this inherent ability to rev up energies, as music played, we all danced our way to unbridled joy. The thing that I most look forward to is the special Diwali food, and I was overjoyed when I saw that the mess area was also light up to match the Diwali spirit, and food served to match the occasion. This Diwali had a charm of its own, as on one hand, it reinforced in me the value of my family and on other, it engendered the presence of another family, with whom I’ll spend the next couple of years.

Students share their experiences, how they celebrated the festival of light in their own creative ways and had fun with friends.

Sonal Singh, First Year

It’s a totally different feeling of celebrating Diwali away from home. We tried to create a similar ambience in our college so that people who are away from home can celebrate it here with their friends.

Siddharth Puranik, First Year

Having worked in the construction sector prior to my MBA, I use to be on construction sites a lot. It never felt like Diwali to be away from loved ones. Diwali at SIBM B was so much better. Since I never felt away from home as I was among friends. The lighting and decorations added warmth to the place. Though I missed homemade Diwali snacks, food at the mess was delicious.

Kripa Thomas, First Year

It was an exhilarating experience for me, there were various events, but for me, the highlight was making the rangoli with my friends. As part of the team organizing the festivities, I had a great time making sure the students felt at home.

Akash Chainde, First Year

Initially, I was skeptical, as this was the first time I was away from home, but all my doubts were put to rest as the music started and I started dancing and enjoyed this new experience.

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