A Dog Lover At MDI

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love unconditionally as a dog.” – M.K. Clinton

The day I joined MDI Gurgaon and started my journey of becoming a human resource manager, a lot of things grabbed my attention – the hostels are not like my graduation college, a lot of diversity in students, case based teaching in classrooms and many other things. But the most unique thing I noticed is how stray dogs are treated on campus. I am a passionate dog lover. Not only have I had an experience with 4 pet dogs of mine, I also feel empathetic and protective towards dogs in general. It’s extremely satisfying to see so many dogs living on campus and the way students take care of them. As soon as you enter the campus gate there are dog feeding points and that’s not the only place where they get food. If you go to any mess or a canteen on campus, people are always feeding them. Students make videos and click pictures with them for their assignments, play with them and nobody is allowed to abuse them in any way. Dogs help me handle the tough rigor of b-school and manage stress. I’m lucky to be in a college with these friendly creatures spreading joy and happiness.


The ABG company I want to work with is Aditya Birla fashion and retail ltd. I’m a fashion enthusiast and a brand conscious person when it comes to fashion. So this inclination towards fashion industry will help me understand the business better and align it with HR policies to take strategic decisions to meet company goals. Fashion industry is ever transforming and the market also has interesting current dynamics. This gives me an opportunity to work on issues of changing work environment and this poses a challenge for me as an HR manager to address these issues. The future growth possibilities in this sector would require managing change, designing policies and extensive workforce planning. In the challenging working atmosphere and potential for steep learning, it is only logical with my love for fashion to go for this sector. My knowledge about this sector and post-graduation in business studies will help me to understand business and HR not in isolation but as wholesome functionalities for the company. This will be a key skill set for a company undergoing transformation constantly in terms of human resources, business changes, and competitive landscape in general.