“Don’t start new topics now. Write at most 2 mocks in the next 2 weeks” – ARKS Srinivas on CAT 2014 Strategy

Swamy Kokkiligadda Sir, in second section if I don’t attempt any grammar based questions and going with RC,PJ and LR questions and 2 or 3 attempts in CR. if I attempt  25-30 in this areas only will I get reasonable percentile in VA section?

ARKS Srinivas I would suggest you to increase the attempts in section 2 by another 5-10 questions.


Suresh Sir what should be the plan for the next two weeks. What are your last minute preparation tips?

ARKS Srinivas Suresh, do not start new topics now. Focus should be only on revision and brushing up things like basics or formulae. Do not write too many mocks. At most two in the next two weeks.


Raj Mukund I have 60-70 Academic Score In 10-12-Graduation. At What % I Should Aim For Any IIM? Should I Join Time Coaching Or Any Other Coaching? Need Your Guidance

ARKS Srinivas Join a good institute and ensure that you attend classes regularly. 12 months are more than enough for CAT 15 preparation

Raj Mukund Sir, I have academics 60-70 in my SSC, HSC and graduation. What %ile in CAT I can get a call from IIM.

ARKS Srinivas Raj, you will have to get above 98+%ile to target new IIMs. For old IIMs you will have to target 99.7%ile


Chandra Sekar My average score is around 100 every time for the last 5 or 6 mocks. But my accuracy is as low as 70%. What percentile can I expect?

ARKS Srinivas You can expect anywhere between 90-95%ile.


Anish S Will the MA from TISS be treated on par with MBA even at later point in ones career?

ARKS Srinivas There will definitely be a difference between MA from TISS and MBA from other top colleges


Prank Kaushik Hello Sir, I am not being able to cross 140-150 mark barrier in CL mocks. What should be the approximate raw score for 99+%ile? Also how much role normalization would play?

ARKS Srinivas I am not sure about the level of CL mocks. However, for CAT a score of 120+ will give you 99+%ile. Normalization process is still a black box. Nothing has been revealed.

Prank Kaushik Sir the aim should be to maximize scores or accuracy? For e.g. last 3 mins are left – 1 RC of 4 questions is left for maximizing score, we can mark choices with the hope of getting more than 1 mark only on a bad day will there be a negative impact but if we go for accuracy we should leave in this case.

ARKS Srinivas Solving RC in last 3 minutes would be bad. You should attempt individual questions like grammar or Para jumbles etc.


Sushmit Sharma Sir what is the ideal attempt to get in early 90’s?

ARKS Srinivas Attempting a total of 50 with 70% accuracy should get you to 90%ile.


Siddhartha Chakraborti Sir I have regularly been scoring around 95-97 percentile in CL mocks but silly mistakes are bogging my percentile down. How to avoid that?

ARKS Srinivas Try taking sectional tests.

Siddhartha Chakraborti What should be done in these 10 days?? Should I give mock tests??

ARKS Srinivas Do not give more than 2 mocks. And none in the last 3-4 days.


Mohamed Rameez Hello sir, This is my profile,Xth-87.6%,XIIth-87.8%,BTech-8.32 CGPA,MTech-8.26(ongoing at IIT Madras).What percentile ensures me a call from the old IIM’s.Also will my doing MTech effect my chances in the interview?

ARKS Srinivas You need to get above 99.5%ile. And your MTech will not have any problem! Do not worry about it.


Praharsha Maram Sir since the total papers to be set are back to 4 sessions. Can we expect increase in difficulty?

I mean if papers are back to IIM standards 30% attempts will take you to 95+ile right?

ARKS Srinivas What you need to understand is that compared to last year, the time per question this year is less. Which means, we can expect relatively easier paper

Praharsha Maram Sir if I attempt only LR and completely skip VA how much percentile can I expect in VA section?

ARKS Srinivas That’s a bad strategy. You should at least attempt 35-40 questions from section 2.

Praharsha Maram Sir but my accuracy in verbal is as low as 35 and barely I get any good score. Is it worth attempting?

ARKS Srinivas Praharsha, you will not clear the cutoffs if you don’t attempt.

Praharsha Maram Sir, what is cutoff for TAPMI and SP JAIN with poor academic record?

ARKS Srinivas For Admissions 2015, TAPMI intends to go in for profile-based short-listing for WAT/PI, which means that due weight age would be assigned to components like Academic record/ Professional qualifications /Work-experience etc while the short-list is prepared, besides high scores in CAT/XAT/GMAT etc.


Shashi Sir I had a query on FIJ. What is your approach to solving FIJ questions?

ARKS Srinivas FIJ questions needs practice. It’s a bit difficult to tell you tips on this forum as it’s got a lot to do with understanding what the statement means.


Chandra Sekar Can we expect Nov 22 to be difficult than 16th?

ARKS Srinivas There is no guarantee as to which paper will be tough.


Siddhartha Chakraborti What should be the attempts and accuracy for a 99 + percentile

ARKS Srinivas  A 120+ marks will give you a 99+%ile.


Achyut Khansili What will be the difficulty level of LR, if compared with AIMCAT LR?

ARKS Srinivas Total attempts of 70 with around 70% accuracy should do the trick


Muhammad Ismail Sir my Profile is X- 84.13, XII- 70.0 and B.Tech- 75.10%. If I score above 95%ile in CAT, then from which all good IIMs can I expect a call?

ARKS Srinivas Ismail, 95%ile can give you a call from 1 or 2 of the new IIMs also. But the old ones are definitely out.

Muhammad Ismail Sir my Profile is X- 84.13, XII- 70.0 and B.Tech- 75.10%. Sir do I have a fair chance for TAPMI AND SP JAIN, if yes, then what min %ile should I score to be on safer side to get admission in these two colleges?

ARKS Srinivas Anything above 98%ile will get you for sure in those colleges


Ashis Agrawal Sir what is an ideal no. of questions that I need to attempt to score a 99%ile?

ARKS Srinivas Around 70 questions

Ashis Agrawal sir actually right now I am attempting 62-65 questions with 70% accuracy. According to this what %le can I expect??

ARKS Srinivas You can easily expect around 98.5+%ile

Ashis Agrawal Sir my career is 10th-74%, 12th-80%, bsc.-64%…..which colleges I can apply for?

ARKS Srinivas You have a good chance of getting into all the top colleges (less chance in top 6 IIMs but all others are possible)


Avinash Marepalli Sir, I have two queries-1.Will accuracy play role in percentile this time 2.My average attempts in AIMCATS are 38 and I normally get around 90 percentile. What should I do to improve my number of attempts in these last 15 days?

ARKS Srinivas Accuracy will improve your score hence it will play a part in percentile. But if you are asking me whether they will give extra marks for being more accurate, I am not sure. To improve your attempts, start taking sectional tests


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