DRONA – A Mentorship Opportunity By IIM Indore


“Teaching creates all other professions”

As management students, we can testify that a major portion of the task of moulding us into how we stand today was done by our teachers and our seniors. They have already seen everything that we can expect to see due to their close association with the field of academics and the industry. They possess a treasure trove of knowledge that they selflessly pass on. No book can teach you more than their experience.

This Teacher’s Day, we at IIM Indore have decided to extend the benefits of having such highly accomplished teachers to everyone who wishes to learn from them. As a part of our annual management and cultural fest, IRIS 2016, we have organised a mentorship program by the name of Drona – perhaps the best teacher our country has ever known.

If you are an MBA aspirant and want a glimpse into life at a B School, this event is for you. Drona is a 3 day mentorship event which gives students a chance to interact with Professors and Industrialists. It will consist of multiple events, the best performers of which stand a chance to win prizes upto INR 20,000!

Some of the events you can look forward to are:

1. Personal interviews by professors

A trial version of how the Personal Interview rounds are conducted after shortlisting CAT candidates

2. Mentorship sessions by faculty

The IIM faculty, with their rich experience and years of industry exposure, share their thoughts with the participants

3. Post MBA- the domains, companies and profiles

All that you needed to know about the different domains in-depth, with details on what companies look for while hiring candidates

4. Live case study

Try out your managerial skills in this session that encourages industry analysis and strategizing one’s company accordingly.

5. Experience sharing sessions

Directly interact with the seniors at IIM Indore to know more about how their lives are at IIM Indore and what their learnings have been.

6. Corporate Group Discussions

Technically analyze the situations given to the group, be it from the domains of operations or human relations.

In order to be a part of this event, you need to register <here> for an online quiz that will take place on 24th of September. Top 100 participants will be eligible for the case challenge out of which top 20 will be invited for the campus finale on 18th-20th November 2016. The winner will receive the coveted title of ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ from IIM Indore.

Other features include the Envision speaker series by industrialists, design thinking workshops, team building exercises, conflict management, consensus building debates and face-offs.

For any further queries, please contact:

Name: Nitika Mittal

Email: p15nitikam@iimidr.ac.in

Mob.: +919589348585

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This article is published by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore