DSE MBA IB 2014-16 Induction Experience

“With the beginning of a new chapter at DSE, my journey of self-improvement continues. Getting good news on the very first day about the conversion from MIB to MBA-IB was overwhelming. Being here brings some familiar feelings which tell me that it is going to be a remarkable and memorable part of my journey. Thanks to those ice-breaking sessions, I have met a lot of people and enjoyed doing tasks with them. It’s been only two weeks and I have made very good friends here. I am happy to find that everybody has got a unique quality. Lot of things to learn and an opportunity ground to work. Going through the hectic schedule of classes, induction and selection processes of various committees and cells was filled with mixed emotions of excitement and jitters. But hats off to seniors for their support and helping us to kick start our journey at DSE.

Some of the key rules to follow when you are here:

Deadlines are sacred.

You cannot get your things done without Kamalkant Ji.

When at DSE, you have to have a masala coke at JP Stall. 🙂

I know the days would be tough and the nights would be sleepless but this is the time we will never get again. An opportunity to be better, a platform to constantly challenge my potential but I know that these two years will add value in me. Being with such lovely people, I am sure this journey would be special. I look forward to learn a lot from all of you, people with great knowledge and skills. I will do my best to contribute something good to the legacy of MIB (now MBA-IB).

I believe that we will “Rise Together”, as it is rightly said by Woodrow Wilson: I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.“


-written on 15 July, 2014