My Internship Experience – Manish Ghosal

“Research, and lots of research is a must to garner the know-how of any task at hand”, told my mentor. Extensive participation in multitudes of case studies, competitions, group and individual projects that spanned across varied domains, in the past, equipped me with technicalities that go into research, thereby helping palliate the otherwise growing anxiety that may have arose. I therefore began the first of my two research earmarked weeks on a psychological high note. Mid-way through the week, idiosyncrasies of my research requirements foxed me on the approach I had taken as I weren’t sure if all the data I was accumulating would really help me progress to achieve my end objective. And so I was in two-minds – whether to seek advice from the mentor despite having defined research expectations, or to continue with what I were doing. Between the two, the former option sound compelling for I thought that it could help me take a stock of things and have a review as to whether I was on the right track. I therefore set-up a review meeting with my mentor. Over the discourse I realized that I chose correct channels of research, however, with a much complicating approach. All through the discussion my mentor shot questions at me which actually helped me bridge the not-so apparent, but important, missing links to arrive at comprehensive findings. Also went in through the discussions certain agreements and disagreements over ideas, but in a constructive manner. In the end, I saw myself having arrived at a comprehensive approach with a rather better understanding. With over a week of time spent on the research task now, I see that had I not chosen to initiate a dialogue then, I would have actually made things intricate for myself.   ——- Manish Ghosal Link to my previous article in the series:

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