My Dynamic Campus – MDI

The campus of MDI is really unique with plush green gardens and tree cover. While still being in the heart of one of the most polluted cities in India you never feel the pollution. One of the things that I find really comforting is the location of the campus which gives you all the luxuries of the internet and the city while still shielding you in some manner. The experience in MDI has been quite unique for me. It is the first time I am living in a hostel. It is really a different experience living in Gurgaon after coming from Gujarat. It is really fun meeting people coming from various different parts of the country, I really experienced the diversity that our country offers. It has been a great experience knowing about various cultures and different stories, experience and differences of each other. The bonding that we have created among us as a batch in such a short time is astonishing while also being relieving and comforting. It was really fun to make new friends and that happiness when you find people with common interests and the discussions on various things from books to sports. Life at MDI is very dynamic, it changes in split seconds from excruciating work to a fun and party environment and again back to work. The academic environment is rigorous and it was very difficult and overwhelming at first but after a time you start developing good time management skills and start adjusting to the rigour. It has been a really unique experience till now with various ups and downs and it is the best experience with a lot of memories being created in such a short time and many more I am sure will be created in this short span of two years.

Aditya Birla group is one of the oldest business houses of India with a strong heritage and even has the independence movement. The group is diversified across various industries ranging like cotton textiles, resin manufacturing, nylon production, mining, cement production, chemical, retail and cellular network. I would be excited and honoured to work in an organization of such stature and with so many accolades under its belt. I would like to work at Hindalco Industries LTD as it is a copper and aluminium producer and it also operates power plants. Being from a mechanical engineering background I would be able to better understand the work done by workers and the various processes in the plant. Due to this, I would be able to use my human resources management skills in a better way and adapt to the situation more easily and have a more holistic idea of business as a whole.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.