E-Cell Of IIM Rohtak And NBCFDC To Uplift Entrepreneurs From Backward Classes 

Entrepreneurship Cell Incubation Centre of IIM Rohtak added one more feather to its cap on 4th February 2016 when it entered into a MoU agreement with NBCFDC to support entrepreneurship for a noble cause.

E-Cell, a team of young students, mentored by energetic faculties and visionary management professors have started to make their presence felt not only in Rohtak, but in other parts of Northern India, including Delhi/NCR region.

The MoU signed between NBCFDC and E-Cell-Incubation Centre added yet another dimension to the work happening at E-Cell. The two bodies will now work collaboratively to eradicate unemployment in the country and make the families belonging to backward classes more self-sustainable and skilled. With the support of NBCFDC, E-Cell-Incubation Centre of IIM Rohtak will launch several skill development and training programs to train the poor sections of backward classes and later help them generate their own business or get employment which is related to the skill set they acquired. As the program expands both geographically and demographically, the span of skill sets will continue to grow, they may vary from handicraft to beauty & wellness to educational sectors, to name a few.

The  members of backward classes (as notified by the Govt. from time to time) living below double the poverty line will be eligible for the program. The income & caste certificates issued by the competent authority of the State governments will be considered.

NBCFDC will assist the trained members of backward classes to get loans at very low interest rates, in order to provide initial capital to help them start their business. E-Cell-Incubation Centre will track the progress of the program and will enhance it to make it better and more scalable. As part of phase one rollout, the program will first begin in Rohtak and nearby regions, and will subsequently be expanded further. NBCFDC will also help to promote research projects at IIM Rohtak. Moreover, it will assist the latter in fostering the entrepreneurship culture by assisting it in conducting several workshops and conferences.

The agreement has been chalked out at a right time, thanks to the wave of Startup India initiative. But as a point of differentiation, its focus is to tap the much-needed potential of underprivileged and ignored sector of poor backward masses. The two bodies are optimistic to bring about a gradual change in the standard of living of these people and have been portraying leadership through their action for the social cause.

For more information on the intiatives taken by E-Cell, IIM Rohtak, please visit here.