E-Learning Experience At IIM Sirmaur

My college life here at IIM Sirmaur started after a work experience of three years. So classes, quizzes, assignments and exams were fun for me. But eventually, it all became monotonous. Our journey of the first year was about to end and we had to select the electives for our major and minor subjects. There was a consensus that e-commerce is going to be theoretical and it is a subject in which nothing much can be taught. Therefore in spite of having interest in e-business I left this elective.

Then the classes in the second year got kicked off and I was very satisfied with the kind of electives I had chosen. Then I heard about the e-commerce class in which the professor told the students to keep the book aside as e-commerce is all about gaining the practical knowledge. I was quite fascinated with that and without any second thought I decided to sit through the class. Sit through means you will not be evaluated for that subject but just attend the class for the sake of learning. I had already missed two classes and I was not sure that I would be able to understand the concepts as the base of the topics were already build in the previous classes. The class started with the presentation of a start-up and it was a pitching presentation for the investors. The professor told us to listen the presentation, ask as many questions as we want but in the end, let him know if we want to invest 10 Crore Rupees in this firm or not. He threw us in the real world scenario before teaching us anything. We heard the pitch, asked questions and then did brainstorming with the classmates and then gave our verdict. Almost all the students were on the same side of the decision i.e. not to invest backing it with the proper reasoning. But he showed us the different aspect of hidden opportunity, changing mind-set of Indians and economic growth of that sector. He made me understand that just applying the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning, Porter’s five forces and forecasting market growth, which any B School student would apply, is not always helpful in making the decision. He told us that “if you want to be a real entrepreneur try to see the unseen opportunity and apply your critical thinking based on the knowledge you have perceived till now”. He encouraged us to think of some idea collectively and start an e-commerce website just for experiencing the difficulties that you may face once you are part of any organisation that deals with e-commerce.

In the next session, the professor taught us about “Willful Disruption” which we were able to connect with Alibaba strategy which uses both offensive and defensive strategy. We learnt about the concepts of blockchain beginning with blocks, hash, distributed ledger and building consensus or validation following with the practical aspects of blockchain, its limitation, and how it can be used to make the life easy and secure. This classroom experience taught me that there can be different modes to learn which are far better than just reading the books and case studies and this unique classroom experience left me with full of motivation, excitement and ideas to work in this segment.


Aditya Birla Group

I have gained the experience of retail marketing during my summer internship and it is something that requires application of pricing strategy, promotional strategy, marketing research, consumer behaviour and so on and so forth. This experience encouraged me to further work in the same segment and thus I would like to work for Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.  It is a segment where ecommerce is gaining pace at a significant rate. Therefore I would like to work in this prestigious company which would help me to learn the business acumen as well as would provide me the platform for the application of my skills and knowledge.

– Aishwarya Vyas




IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.


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