Elysium – (A Chatbot AI) – Made By An MBA Student

Yash Parikh | 27th  October 2017, Bangalore

E- Business student @ Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore

Hi, my name is Yash Parikh currently pursuing my MBA in PGDM E-Business from Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore. Today, I am proud to announce “Elysium”. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot, created by me.

The idea of Elysium came into existence, a few weeks ago in our “Cognitive Business” lecture. I am not a programmer/ Engineer and I have never built anything like this ever before. I am always fascinated with technology and being aware of the fact that things like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics and Machine Learning are the future and also the next “Billion dollar industry” where the world is heading today, it was very important for me being a technology student to keep myself updated about  it, which is why I decided to take this up as a challenge and started learning and understanding of how Elysium could be created by a non-programmer like me.

It took me about 29 hours to create Elysium, of which 18 hours were just spent in learning about how an AI-chatbot could be made. I gained key insight about it from the internet and by watching YouTube videos in those 18 hours.

Finally after understanding and learning, I started implementing my knowledge into some materialistic domain where I first started building the bot on IBM’s Watson platform powered by – Bluemix. However, I later shifted to some other platform due to some limitations that I was facing with IBM’s Watson during that time. After about 29 hours, Elysium was born.

Elysium runs on Facebook Messenger, Skype chat and Kik Messenger currently. It is built only for my college currently, but in future Elysium could be personalised to run for any colleges around the globe, where faculties and students could get their day to day college work done just by texting Elysium. However, Elysium is still in its early stages of development and I am committed to constantly make it better and improve its knowledge with the help of AI.

Imagine a world where tasks like, getting college related info, student’s attendance status, Time-table, Student / Faculty information, student queries during exams, library book issuing, directions to college – can all be known and done just by texting to a chatbot.

I would like to thank my college mentors Prof. Johnson and Prof. Sridhar for keeping me motivated for the same along with my batch mates and other faculty members for appreciating my work.

Yash Parikh

Yash Parikh is a passionate technology evangelist and an internet influencer currently pursuing his MBA in E-Business , Marketing at Welingkar Institute of Management (2016-18). He is a 2015 graduate and a GNIIT student . Passion for technology, AI and Machine learning. To know more about Yash , please visit his LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/yashparikh18


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