The Enlightening IIM – IIM Bodh Gaya

It was supposed to be another mundane day when my phone beeped. There was a mail in my inbox from IIM Bodhgaya regarding the admission offer. And I swear this moment, this little moment was the one I was working hard for. Two years of preparation, thousands of mock tests, many sleepless nights, all now seemed worthwhile. I will be the first one from my entire family to pursue an MBA from an IIM, this thought started playing on the loop in my mind. I was happy and at the same time a little skeptic about the curriculum and environment of IIM Bodhgaya. Finally, after much discussion and consulting with my parents and friends, I was now standing in the land of Buddha and my destination being “The Enlightening IIM”.

I hired a cab straight from the airport which took hardly 20 minutes to reach the campus. I unloaded my stuff and entered the gate. There was a blanket of silence everywhere. I came across a friend with whom I interacted on our WhatsApp group. I asked him” Yaha itna sannata kyun hai bhai? “(why there is so much silence here ?). He smiled and replied, “Rest for a day, from tomorrow onward you will be craving for silence”. And his words came true. Induction program started with a series of guest lectures delivered by eminent personalities across various domains. It witnessed the enthusiasm and zest among the new students as well as seniors who took out time from their schedule to make us comfortable and confident before we embark on this journey. Late night interactions with seniors, finding people roaming around at 3 am now became a common sight. This place has got some nightlife in it, I told myself. This was my first hostel experience and I didn’t expect it to be so convivial. Trust me when I say, this place might have some flaws but none for me.

The years will pass by, this journey will end but I intend to keep the memories with me forever, ready to board the nostalgic train whenever I would look back at these days.

Just a few weeks and I am already addicted to this milieu. And yes one can find the complete diversity here. People have come here from distant places carrying their own set of values, culture, and persona.

And how can I not include my favourite part “The weather <3”. Hovering clouds, drizzling showers and perfect mates, I could not wish for more.

Of course being an IIM it is evident that the curriculum would be rigorous, some days would be tiring but I have always believed that “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved”


Hi, I am Anchit, currently pursuing my MBA from IIM bodhgaya. I like writing, solo travelling, interacting with people and the list goes on. My motto in life "Live what you love, Love what you live"