Entering The IIM Dream World – From The Eyes Of An IIM Kashipur Joinee

Everyone of us has a dream whether big or small no other person can describe. For the common students of middle class family who dreams of good education, IIM is nothing but a moon in the sky. To get an IIM tag is what today’s youth (although not all of them but certainly a big number) desire.

From the preparation to filling forms to giving exams to interview to the selection list, everyone experiences ups and downs in their emotional sense. Trying to get into the top 1% of the people is in itself a commendable job. Congratulations to all the selected candidates, you are about to enter into your dream world, an Alice in wonderland. But wait a minute is it really a dream world or the market has published it the way we all see it. Most of the IIM graduates tell us that the hard work needed to enter the gates of an IIM is much less that what is expected of you in the next 2 years. So below are the factors which credits for the same.

♦ Peer Pressure – Now this is the most important and real hurdle you will face in the institute like an IIM. Everyone who gets selected is special in their own way. Hardly anyone has got into it with luck. So the smarter you think you are the more smarter is the person sitting next to you or in front of you.

♦ Expectations – The expectation from you are really high. From class participation to group presentations to individual presentations to good ratings. Everything is important, you cannot prioritize the expectations, you need to work for each and every entity thrown at you.

♦ ROI – Hmm…..We all are in this world to live comfortable life for which money is, if not the most important thing, certainly not the least important thing. We are here to get a good education and then earn some good bucks for the same. The amount of loan taken (not all but the ones who are from middle class family) gives an additional pressure to the students and one may not realize it but it’s a pressure on their family too. To repay this huge debt one needs to walk out with a good package thus have some relief.

♦ Uncertainties – Not all students get the toppers rank and not all students get the initial bucks they desire. You can understand the rest.


Summing up, the IIMs are totally worth going but with a bit of planning one can get much more out of it than just some cool bucks and good networks. Overall the education which it imparts into the students, the insight it presents is what really matters, because most of the guys entering their dream world are already smart so they just need some insight into the new world.


Last but not the least, I am also about to join IIM Kashipur. Ready to enter my dream world.

Narendra Dewangan

System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services