Entering The World of Mahindra – Week 1 As A GMC Intern | Anuj Mishra, SIBM Pune

The name needs no introduction because of the legacy it has built over the years by enabling it’s stakeholders to Rise and bringing positive change in their lives.

My journey started with the induction of the GMC Internship 2019 batch at the fascinating Mahindra Towers in Worli. A welcome kit was already at place on the tables with our name tags.

It was great to know our fellow interns through an interesting activity where we were supposed to share unique things about us. We got updates on the Konversations application about the sessions planned for the day.

It’s expected that information about the organization, business, sector etc. would be shared but the level ‘Rises’ when you get to know these things through senior leaders who are big names in the corporate world. Be it knowing about the group by Dr. Pawan Goenka, MD, Mahindra & Mahindra or about knowing the financial side of the business by Mr. VS Parthasarathy, Group CFO, Mahindra – the feeling was amazing.

In between the sessions, delicious food and snacks were served (health conscious people checkout Saboro by Mahindra :P). The first day ended with us getting our workstation kit up-to-date and our Mahindra email IDs for the next two months. The next day was the one which all of us had been looking forward to with much anticipation.

We had heard about the interaction of the GMC batches with Mr. Anand Mahindra but when we went to Mahindra’s Gateway office and met him in person, I would not be exaggerating when I say that everyone was awed by his very presence. Such grace and humbleness that we future leaders should definitely aspire for. The interaction revolved around leadership traits and how it’s various aspects are seen in Indian political leaders.

Post the session, apart from the awesome refreshments, a co-intern was surprised to have her birthday celebrated, which actually was very thoughtful and kudos to the Group HR team. Day 2 ended with most of us going to Marine Drive and looking at the beautiful, sea thinking of the endless possibilities at Mahindra and beyond. The third day was planned to help us understand more about Mahindra’s businesses related to Automative, Farm and Services sector. From knowing about Farm sector and the Sales and Marketing function of the automotive segment, we were shown some of the recent campaigns through which we understood how a brand is positioned in the market. We even were probably amongst the earliest viewers of the XUV300 launch video featuring a terrific rap on it by none other than Baadshah.

The day ended on a high note with lot of strategy games by The Board Game Co., whose founder happened to be an alumnus of my college 🙂

Mahindra breathes innovation and to help us find some creative solutions for our respective projects, a Design Thinking workshop was organised on the fourth day. It was really amazing to learn something which actually adds a new way to look at problems. I am definitely sure that it would be of tremendous help in some way or the other for our projects (at least for mine I am more than 100% sure as the project itself involves using Design Thinking principles :P).

Finally, with all the information about how the internship is structured and the timelines, we were expected to meet our guides, finalize deliverables and deep dive in the interesting projects that promise great learning and experience.

Anuj Mishra

SIBM Pune 2018-20