Entertaining Campus – MDI

MDI campus is another world. It’s like a living in a family with thousand members who are disciplined and focused yet knows how to have fun. One peculiar thing in my campus is marketing planning class in the first term. The class is very interactive where he shares his experiences and stories and makes it very engaging. He teaches us various concepts of marketing moulded into a story. But since the class is at 8:30 in the morning, most of us are in a drowsy state. But our professor has an interesting way to wake us up. So, if he finds anyone dozing off for more than 30 seconds in the class, he will ask that person to dance for a minute on some song in front of the entire class. Even a single second extra can make you dance. Seeing someone dancing with crazy moves refreshes our mind instantly. This also makes us feel more comfortable in his class and we feel, like our prof calls it, “entertained”! We also try to stay awake or not to get caught. But according to me, it’s not very difficult to stay awake in his class because the way he teaches is amazing and we just need to stay attentive. This is one thing which I think differentiates MDI from any other B-school because he is the only teacher I know who responds to “found sleeping in the class” in such a way. This is one example of how efficiently the MDI community maintains the balance between sincerity and fun. The campus experience is quite enthralling and amusing at the same time. The activities and academics give us the lessons and the campus life gives us the experience!

I would like to be a part of Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company Private Ltd, where the core research areas are carbon, chemicals, aluminum and fibers. This choice is primarily because of my educational background in my graduate college. I have done BS and MS from IISER where I acquired a good understanding of basic sciences. Not just the academics, I have experienced the research life first-hand. So, I think I could relate more to the Research and Development professionals and community and will be able to understand their culture and the challenges they face in a better way. This will help me be more effective as an HR manager