The Eve Of The Orientation-Day – IIFT

After impatiently waiting for results, the D-day arrived without any warning. Seeing my name in the list left me numb for a minute. By the time I regained my senses I was on cloud nine. Days passed by and the day of induction crept forward slowly but steadily, and anxiety took over my initial excitement. As I had never been to Delhi before, I was awestruck by the grandeur of the capital city. My first step into Indraprastha, the city of Pandavas made the butterflies in my stomach flutter.

The first day went by the time I could understand what was happening. There were a plethora of new faces, an abundance of activities and my heart had an eagerness to see every nook and corner of this institute that I shall be calling home for the next 2 years. Life isn’t a bed of roses and I met my first thorn in the form of a locked cupboard. My mind went racing faster than a FormulaOne racing car, heart throbbing more than the RPM of a Boeing Engine. But, as usual, the presence of Mom calmed me. They say we can’t change things that are meant to happen. True to this, by the time the key maker came, I had learned to live out of a suitcase.

Bollywood movies always show that when a reserved person enters a college, they come across a quirky person and both of them hit it off by the drop of the hat. This is what happened to me. My mother, courtesy of the Great Indian Network (read relatives) seems to had found the perfect solution to every problem. Also, the knowledge of both my roomies being from Delhi came into her aid and calmed her nerves.

3000 km was roughly the distance between my hometown and Delhi. I hadn’t carried any bulky daily necessity items from home. Thus, I had to hit the market and my roommate joined in to help the first-timer in Delhi. She took me to Katwaria Saria, where the name felt like a huge sprawling bazaar. But what was in front of me was a small lane with shops on both sides and people squeezing and finding way amongst the hundred others. I was apprehensive about finding the things I required here but my roommate said in her typical Delhi tone, “Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar”, which translates to “This is Delhi my friend” and it was true. The variety and stock availability left me with only one lesson, “Never Judge a Book by its Cover”.

My phone ringed and on the other side was our third roommate, asking us to come fast and look into the cooler situation. To give it a context, I hail from Maharashtra, where rains were reigning over the state at that time. So, I found getting a cooler – an absurd idea. That’s when I got to know that, Delhi doesn’t have a Rainy Season, and has extreme weather conditions. I was taken aback but deferred to her lead since she had more knowledge of the city.

Back at the hostel, the situation had turned crazy. What I had expected to be a tale of weighing the pros and cons of metal and plastic coolers was shattered the minute we entered the hostels. Instead, we entered mayhem. That day, the cooler guy was the true MVP of the hostel. Everyone was trying to win him over so that he would visit them first, like the scene of merchants wooing a customer to visit their shops. We tried and tried and when finally, we succeeded to take hold of him, we were in another fix. When we were trying to get him, we never thought about where to place the cooler or how many we might need. When we couldn’t reach a consensus, I looked towards my mom, who raised her hands citing, “You are a big girl now. Decide on your own. I won’t be here every time”. Finally, after checking out every square inch of the room we found the perfect place and boy were we happy. The cooler guy installed the coolers, while we were giggling with excitement, the bud of friendship had gloomed.

Finally, the night set in, we bade goodbye to our parents, settled in our rooms, and while everyone was going through a torrent of emotions, a common emotion of excitement about what shall transpire at the orientation program the next day was visible in everyone. Along with this, was the uncertainty about the much talked about PDP sessions.


The ABG Company I want to work for and why?

Aditya Birla Group is approximately $40 billion dollar plus corporation. It is situated in various countries and has employees from over 42 countries. Being such a diverse corporation, I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital LimitedI have interest in finance domain. As it is a multi-faceted company, it will provide me with varied experience in the field of finance like life insurance, asset management, private equity, corporate lending, structured finance, project finance, general insurance broking, wealth management, equity, currency and commodity broking etc.

IIFT Placement Commitee