Every Aspect Of Management – IIM Raipur

14th June 2018. This is when the most exciting journey of my life begins. With a bag full of hope, joy and anticipation, I stepped into a new phase. This is Indian Institute Of Management Raipur where one can feel the warmth and young environment around them.

Mesmerizing is the word which describes my campus amidst nature; it houses three wonderful institute- Indian Institute of technology Bhilai, Government Engineering college Raipur and Indian Institute Of Management Raipur. The uniqueness lies in the zeal which each student shows and the campus is where everyone shares and cares for every fellow being. This creates an amazing environment to nourish oneself both personally and professionally. We enjoy not only Equinox – the annual festival of IIM Raipur, but also the festivals of both IIT Bhilai and GEC and I think this is quite unique as far as other college campuses are concerned. We share our campus, happiness, we share our ups and downs and this is the culture we follow here at IIM Raipur.

This is the campus which has a lot more to teach you every aspect of management. Right from an adequate classroom setup to scarce resources, from dorms in the hostel to the morning queue in from of washroom, there exists many which force you to a situation mere to enhance your management skills. It’s unique on its own to have hostels in the same building and believe me, this saves a lot of precious time. We are a brotherhood here. This is our pride which we will carry with us even if we move to our new campus in the near future.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Idea cellular limited. Considering the recent disrupt in the Indian telecom sector after Reliance Jio stepped in during 2016, I consider Idea would provide me with a competitive environment and a platform within the industry wherein I can take up the challenges and excel myself both as a professional and as a person. It would be a great experience to work for one of the top three mobile operators in India which has nearly 200 million subscribers. At the same time, the company is contributing to the digital economy with the launch of digital entertainment apps- Idea music, Idea movies & TV and Idea games, thereby endorsing Government of India’s Digital India campaign. Being a 23 years old company, I would like to be associated with Idea cellular which carries a great legacy.

Trideep Kumar is a first year student at IIM Raipur.