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Part 1

How Big role the ABG group has in my life

Whenever I think of big in life, one of the most dominant images that come to my mind is the gigantic & beautiful structure of Bandra-Worli Sealink.  As most of us know what it takes to build such a structure- one of the main components is cement and UltraTech cement was one of the major contributors to this.  

As being big is not always in terms of size, but is also in the context in which we see the things.  If being big is about contributing to big structures, another side of the scenario is the big being microscopic, and ABG group does this another side through Birla carbon. I feel proud when I hear that Birla carbon is the world leader in producing and distribution of carbon black additives which are used in tyres.

Beyond the things which we can see and conclude it as big, we also have a lot of things where there is a big role of a particular element. IN this row no one can dare to ignore the name- Grasim Industry Limited, which is a prominent company of Aditya Birla Group.

If we talk in terms of employment opportunity, we can’t complete the list without Indian Railways. In my previous experience of researching about Railway, I found, one of the major vendors who takes care of the copper requirement of Railways is Birla Copper limited, a company of ABG.

Big also ranges from Industry to Industry and when I think of fashion, one of the most extensive ads and discount which I came across was of Pantaloon, which is a brand of ABG group.

Last but not the least the way I think ABG group touches many life is through the Cover glasses used on our smartphones. Luckily I come from a place called Shaktinagar, which is nearby HINDALCO factory, whose aluminium factory provides an important component to make these cover glasses.

Similarly, the contribution of ABG towards nation Building is huge. The moment I was conscious enough to understand the world, I was able to see the impact, starting from Birla Temples, Infrastructure, Great educational Institution like BITS, Retails and list goes on and on.

                                                                                                       Part 2

The journey of Overcoming Challenges to Emerge Victoriously

I always had the ambition to do something of my own, one place where I can make my rules and drive the things. This was the starting of my own travel start-up dealing in Chardham Yatra. Initially, when I thought of doing my own business, it seemed impossible as I never had any background of the business. People always discouraged, that was the moment which made me negatively motivated to dig deeper in order to figure out the things. Next 2 year of my college I dedicated to learning by meeting more and more entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. I got into every possible free conference, seminar, co working space meet-ups and many more. After 2 years in 2015, I raised money for my start-up and started it. By the end of June, our last 7-month revenue was Rs. 1 crore. So I feel, the will to excel and move ahead can help you in overcoming a lot of obstacles. It’s the hustle and hard work that always pays off, may not necessarily in the early day. But sooner or later this will take your side if you are consistent enough.


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