An Examination, The IIM Trichy Way!

“Examination” is defined as a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill. It is an impediment everyone would have crossed in one way or another. If we think back, our exams started from the day we join our preschool. It is the fear of examination which makes us curse the guy who invented it. The general image of an exam is that it will be in an exam hall with an atmosphere of suspense and fear which alters our perception of time with the feeling that the eyes of supervisor carefully watching over our every movement.

First, it was a dream of having the books in the exam hall and having the liberty to use them. Later, it moved from having books to having internet and wondering how the results would be if it was really possible.

It was during my second term in IIM Trichy which gave me a pleasant surprise. A subject called Managing People and Performance in an Organization, taught by Professor Abhishek Totawar had an end term component and all of us were worried about what it was going to be. The first information he provided was that the exam would have only one question to be answered which intimidated us further. Later, he said we would have 5 questions out of which we could pick any one. The format was open book which I have gotten used to as we were tested for how we apply the concepts rather than whether we know the concept by heart.

But the best of the surprise was that we were allowed to use of a laptop with internet. We all were thinking he was trying to make a study out of us and going to pull a prank in the next session till we received the mail from PGP office that the exam would be a paperless one.

On the day of exam when we reached the venue we were told to sign the attendance and that was the last time I saw the invigilator, I would say it was the only exam in my 24 years of life where I was talking to my friend and was playing music on my headphones while writing an exam. And, the questions he asked made even the internet useless since we had to answer the questions with memories which only we experienced, so no books or no internet or any technical gadget would have helped that except maybe a time machine.

There might be similar exams in the future or even more wilder ones but this one was one of the best memories which I will carry forward until the end of this memorable program.

Which ABG Company Do I Want To Work For And Why?

I wish to be a part of idea cellular as it inspires me by being in a market with high competition and high market disruptions and still has a strong foothold. Aside from that I wish to be a part of the agile, dynamic team which create the disruptions and challenge the competitors.

This article is written by Prasanna V – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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