Excel tips and tricks - Project Management: How to send an email automatically through Excel VBA


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Argha De

Hi, great article on excel automation. However, there are couple of things in the code which I would like to highlight in order to make it more generic. 1) The code assumes that there are only 3 rows of data (A2:A5). If any other row is automatically added, then the code would need to be changed again, which can be trouble some for people who are not conversant with programming. 2) The email sender sub routine is dealing with outlook only. If the user uses any other email app (mozilla thunderbird etc.), then the code might throw errors. Again changes has to be made programmatically. Resolutions: 1) Code: Dim sh as worksheet Dim n as integer set sh = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet n=2 while sh.Range("A" & n) "" 'Prog logic n = n+1 wend 2) Use workbook.sendmail function: this is a generic method and can be used with any email app. However, options like CC, BCC or setting the body of the mail can not be done. For that outlook has to be used. But this can be useful for someone who is not using outlook. Syntax: ActiveWorkbook.Sendmail abc@gmail.com "Mail subject" if the requirement is to send the mail to multiple recipients at one go, then the mail ids can be stored in an array and the array can be used in sendmail. Hope this helps

15 Jun, 2014 |

Argha De

A small correction: while sh.Range(“A” & n) ""

15 Jun, 2014 |

Argha De

For some reason not-equality sign ( less than symbol followed by greater than symbol) is not getting printed in the comments. The while loop should be: while sh.Range(“A” & n) not-equality symbol “”

15 Jun, 2014 |