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Why and how did you choose IIM Trichy?

The story of choosing IIM Trichy dates back to the time when I was in my third year of Graduation. My senior, who was a huge admirer of IIM Bangalore, couldn’t get into then a new institute called IIM Trichy. He was heartbroken and shared the reasons why. IIM Trichy was then mentored by IIM Bangalore and with the vision, it entered the arena, it was ought to become one of the best in the IIMs. Apart from that, it was situated in Tiruchirappalli, which produced arguably the greatest Mathematician that ever lived, Srinavasa Ramanujan. This words of the senior, whom I immensely respected, struck a chord with me. But I stored those words with myself with enough skepticism and called it a day. After 4 years, I am sitting in the Hostel of IIM Trichy with a smile on my face and writing about the journey to this beautiful campus.

I decided to give CAT, toiled hard and finally got to be in the top 0.5 percentile of the country. In the meanwhile, IIM Trichy was going at a faster rate than one could have imagined in their wildest dreams. Students were winning national level competitions, accolades from the Industry elders and the state-of-the-art permanent campus was inaugurated. The campus featured one of the best infrastructures not only in the country but also in the world. I, on the other hand, had converted all the second generation IIMs and other premier colleges like MDI. I took advice from family and friends, the decision was unanimous.

I, personally, decided to join IIM Trichy for the academic quality it provides, the infrastructure and the reputation it has gained in the years. IIM Trichy is tied up with premier International programs like the CFA and the international relations it has are huge. One of the other main reasons is the Finance and Economics course electives that IIM Trichy provides are of top class. The future felt promising once I took the decision and me being a Finance enthusiast, was excited to be on the campus.

I take pride in the decision I have taken and never ever I would regret the decision of joining IIM Trichy. The campus, like every other institution, has a long way to go and IIM Trichy is on the right path in exceeding the excellence it has set for itself. I am sure the institute will produce future leaders and I hope to be one of them.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I am interested in working in Aditya Birla Capital (ABC). One of the many reasons being their motto, ‘Dream of one, becomes the dream of all and where impossible is nothing!’ fascinates me. Being a finance enthusiast, I am intrigued with what Aditya Birla Capital offers and the scope of their businesses is second to none. Also, ABC provides opportunities in its 12 business sectors and the learning involved is immense.

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