Experience IMT Ghaziabad, Game Of Thrones Style By Vidushi Singla

Akin to the kingdom of Westeros
IMT is the B-school I chose
Each committee, a kingdom in its own right
Aspiring to be the best, however, without spite
Though in sync with the Westerlands is the MRRC
The sun never sets along the coast of this Sunset sea
Encompassing within it the Lannisport
The committee is rich in metaphoric silver and gold
Working to get the students placed
are the Greyjoys, home to IMT’s warrior race
Developing alliances with the world abroad
Are the IRC Tyrells, minus their swords
Keeping in touch with those who leave to brave the odds
are our Northern Starks in the Alcom squad
Looking after the largest clan
Is the Students and Welfare Committee of the Stormlands
But since it’s a utopic vision to which our allegiance is sworn
There is no concept of the Iron Throne
Striving to enhance brand IMT
Each kingdom believes in mutual prosperity
Beyond IMT’s campus wall
The infamous city of wildings stands tall
Within the campus, each day a challenge
Fighting to achieve the work-life balance
Diverse backgrounds, diverse states
No stereotypes hold good in this cosmopolitan space
A warrior, a bastard, a royalist or dwarf
Either might be the smartest of the lot
Where no generalization, no pre-conceived notions operate
No caste, no religion, no region, no state
But all a part of one big, happy family
Scaling up IMT to achieve the zenith of glory