Experiences at TISS – Aparna Vittal Das

When I heard “We have zero tolerance for any discrimination based on sex, caste, religion, region, language, sexual orientation, or on any other basis whatsoever,” for the fifth time in two days, I thought they were overdoing it. These were the standard things that every institute claimed, I thought. However, it didn’t take me too long to understand how seriously TISS meant it. TISS has committees that investigated sexual harassment, ensured social protection, and facilitated the functioning of the dining hall, and cyber affairs. Each of these committees / cells has student representation besides having experts from the respective fields. In fact, a vibrant, newly-elected student union that was elected through a democratic election process, just swore in earlier this week.

Welcome to the world of TISS. MA in HRM & LR from TISS is perhaps one of the most unique experiences one can ever hope to sign up for. Where else can you hope to spend your day in lovely classrooms understanding the nuances of industrial relations, and spend your evenings attending a screening of a documentary about Adivasis in India? Which other management course offers you the opportunity to spend two days of your week working on the field, amassing practical knowledge, and the rest of the week goes into understanding the theory behind it?

If you aspire for all round development, TISS promises to flavour every chai that you consume in the cosy canteen with intriguing conversations with people from the most diverse walks of life. If you’re curious, TISS assures you of knowledgeable faculty who can nurture you, and can provide excellent infrastructure to support your research. If you’re enterprising, TISS guarantees to provide you ample space to innovate and engage with causes that engross you. And well, if you’re ambitious, TISS is a brand in itself. Life in TISS is a lesson in itself. TISS has a profound impact on the way you perceive the world around you. This distinguished Deemed University stirs you into defining your own personality better, and makes you comfortable with being… just you.

Aparna Vittal Das, M.A. in HRM & LR , 2014-2016