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It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.”- Vance Havner

 mindsofiim is an initiative by students of IIM Ranchi to integrate under one roof everything that students here would need to, wish to and like to know. Considering the busy schedule that students at B-schools get used to, there is a growing need for a one-stop destination for various resources that students need apart from the regular course books. The lessons students learn need to go beyond the four walls of classroom and here is where mindsofiim.org comes into picture. mindsofiim is an effort:

to embrace the whole IIM Ranchi fraternity by bringing it together,
to break the inertia and energise students to be harbingers of change and
to empower them by giving them the necessary tools they’d need to carve their dreams..

‘Embrace.. Energise..Empower..’- That is the motto of this unique venture!

mindsofiim strives to become the best student resource center available on net with an objective to act as a support system for students. The sections included in the portal are comprehensive and have been quite useful for students. The site received good response after its launch and is being used by many students of IIM Ranchi as a one-stop destination for their daily dose of information update.

Some of the most popular sections at mindsofiim.org are: Market today – a daily capsule of news –crisp, informative, interesting, and sprinkled with in-depth analysis by in-house subject matter experts, Alumni Speak- a call to all IIM alumni to serve as a guiding light for the usually dazed and confused students, Professors’ talk- Articles and panel discussions by professors at IIM Ranchi, which go beyond the routine lectures and Info board– an initiative to make sure that students @ IIM Ranchi don’t miss out on any competition or event which gives them a chance to prove their potential.

Team mindsofiim plans to run like a full-fledged organization and the members make sure that they keep on renovating the platform in accordance with the changing needs of the users. They collected and analyzed feedback from the users of the portal in order to ensure the sustainability of their venture. With the increasing popularity of the site, recently the team also decided to come up with an Android app which was a huge success amongst android users. Team mindsofiim also shares a vision of connecting students from all premier B-schools in future and make it a useful resource for students pursuing their business studies.

With the freedom that students get at IIM Ranchi to experiment with their ideas, mindsofiim is all set to become a shining feather in the institute’s hat.




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