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From An IPL Selection In CSK To XLRI

In the field of Sports, one needs to be physically and mentally fit to achieve their peak form and also constantly improve their performance. Players consistently face a number of

The Unique Experience of An MBA From Two Countries - IMT Ghaziabad's Dual Country Programme (DCP)

How would you feel about doing one semester in a foreign country? A Dual Country Program is beneficial for B-School students in a variety of ways. B-School students get to

IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience: Questions Around J&K Were Aplenty In My Interview, Nilay J

While the CAT exam is a tough beast to slay, cracking the exam is only half the battle won. The real test lies ahead of you - cracking the WAT-PI

From 680 To 740 - How I Scored 700+ In GMAT In My Second Attempt | Dhruv Chopra, GLIM

GMAT is typically taken by students in an attempt to study abroad. However, many Indian b schools have begun accepting GMAT scores in recent years. In this video, we spoke

Journeys Worth The Struggle | Attempting CAT A Second Time

MBA aspirants are often struck with a reality check during their first CAT attempt. A majority of the students appearing for CAT don’t get a desirable percentile. However, this does

Overcoming Challenges Freshers Face At A B-School

B school life can be very stressful for some. At times, students can feel overwhelmed with their projects, classes and all the other added responsibilities that come with their life

I Thought The Steel Industry Is Very ‘Sarkari’- Choudhury Neha Dash, Tata Steel

Choudhury Neha Dash always thought that the steel industry is not meant for her as she has seen her father spending all his life working for a steel company. Belonging

What We Learned From The Exchange Program At France

Student Exchange Programs provide B-School students a rewarding experience that helps them build skills that usually they miss out in their day to day academics. When they are in an