An Extraordinary Classroom Experience – Ekta Jain, IIM Udaipur

It has been a year now at IIM Udaipur, and life could not have been better than this. I always knew that I would be going for an MBA after doing my bachelors in business studies. The question was whether it is the right time to do it soon after my graduation and from where should I do my MBA? The latter question seemed to yield an easy answer to choose IIM Udaipur. Just for one reason at that time- Institute’s focus on academic rigor. The first was yet to be figured out even after joining the institute.

Academic excellence has always been a priority here, which seems justified with the quantum of material resources and human efforts put in to facilitate and enhance the learning and teaching experience for students and faculties respectively. As we learned the nuances of general management in our first year through various finance, marketing, human resource, operations domain-specific subjects, we also had courses on Managerial Oral Communication and Written Analysis and Communication to make us affluent in the way we communicate in the corporate world.

The memory I want to share today with the readers is from one of the Managerial Oral Communication class, MOC as we call it. The idea behind the course is to provide an insight into formal, informal communication we do every day and how to make it more effective through speech, action, and presentation. These classes gave us the stage to come and speak in front of an audience who is not going to judge you, rather listen to you. In the process we got to know a lot about each other as we were made to talk to management subjects, but something beyond that, like your life experiences, your happy/ sad moments, some learnings or achievements one wants to share, anything and everything that could make a person feels to share and express to a group of people. When I had to hit the stage, it took me a lot of time to think of something on which I could speak, which could create an impact on the audience that they shouldn’t get bored with it. I came up with a topic, and I was able to present my idea with a good introductory story and kept the audience engaged. I was appreciated for my confidence and the smile I carried throughout. And in that class, I got the answer to my apprehension of whether or not it is the right time for MBA. It was!

We do a lot of things in doubt and a lot of things we do not do at all, whether right or wrong. If you feel it is worth your effort, then give it a shot. You might succeed or fail, let destiny decide it, and you keep going.


Which division of Aditya Birla Group and why?

I would like to work in the banking and financial services division of the Aditya Birla Group. It has two major branches in the form of Aditya Birla Capital and Aditya Birla Idea payments Bank Limited. The former is a well-established, one of the top private NBFC in the field of life insurance, corporate lending, private equity, and wealth & asset management, among the various other businesses it has a strong presence. The latter is a new age bank, a resultant of the digitally driven India. Why banking and financial services? Because it is a very powerful industry to be in. We are not only working in the finance domain but, also experiencing B2B and B2C marketing, functional and technical analytics and nuances of banking operations. Thus, I see potential in this industry to pursue a career.

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