The Exuberance On The Campus – MDI

It was midway through April that I had made the decision of joining Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. I had decided that it was the best place to shape my career and with fervour had accepted the offer. The initial scepticism I had about leaving my home for the first time was soon enough replaced by enthusiasm once I had interacted with a few of my batchmates informally before we joined. I was looking forward to being a part of the diverse batch that is offered by MDI and ready to carve an identity of my own amidst the crowd.

I have been on the campus on the month now, but honestly it feels like it was just a week back that we were registering ourselves. The campus has plentiful to offer be it for the sports enthusiasts or the food-lovers on the campus. The lush green campus is lively across the day and somehow resonates the same vibe even in the night. Be it 3 am or 3 pm, you will always find the same level of exuberance on the campus. The mess is full of students discussing their case studies, the library full of people studying and our over-night canteen Sharma’s full of people whiling away their time with friends and relaxing after a long day. While MDI offers us a variety of choices to make, it brings us together in many ways unknown to us. It brings together people from all walks of this country, where religion, caste, race, culture is no bar. It helps us interact with people of different backgrounds, people with varied experiences and more importantly, people who will write the nation’s future.

One of the recent activities that we have been engaged with on campus is the inter-section sports competition, where all sections compete with each other in eight sports, each trying to win by giving their best. The most beautiful part of this competition for me is the way we students bond because of these games, standing up for the other when he falls. This reminds me of my internship at Idea Cellular Ltd where once we faced the issue that the line between Gandhinagar and Rajkot was down and I saw the entire staff at the base-station worked together in order to ensure that the line was restored at the earliest and that no one had to lose out because of the technical fault. The students at MDI much like my seniors at the internship, perform the same task of making sure that the team is restored before any harm is done.

According to me, MDI is much like Idea Cellular Ltd of the Aditya Birla Group, bridging the gap between people coming from different backgrounds, helping them be on the same page, facilitating the flow of ideas across different regions of India, be it Kashmir or Kerala, Gujarat or Assam. Idea Cellular is an organisation which is proactive in its approach towards the rapidly changing technologies and still radiates accountability of performance and speed. MDI is very similar to Idea Cellular in these terms where it caters to the demands of the changing times while being accountable to the society and giving back to it appropriately. I believe that one of the foreign exchange students I interacted with on campus has correctly summarised MDI for me, he said that MDI was India on a small scale and I know that that is exactly what Idea aims to achieve, to bring together Indians.