The Exuberance Of Life At IIM Rohtak

Few things in life deserve the wait. The wait ceased for us when we stepped into IIM Rohtak. The subtle transition to an IIM life is one of the things which makes my campus unique.

“The first few days are going to be toughest, but if you can handle it, you can pretty much handle the following two years,” said a senior before I joined. Such is the magnitude of the initial days.

The initial days were tough; It took some time to get used to the rigor. We worked from morning to the wee hours of the following day morning. There were days when we had little to no sleep.

Did we worry? No

Why? Because we wanted to experience the ‘IIM’ Life

Each day had a plethora of challenges, and the initial apprehension gave way to the delight linked with the uncertainty of the next day. Intractable tasks didn’t seem difficult anymore. Our sleep cycle improved drastically. Another take away is that we bonded with each other. By the end of a month, we became one big family.

The campus bustled with activities round the clock. We had the pleasure of hearing from eminent personalities like Subramaniam Swamy, Rahul Sharma, Major General G.D Bakshi, Ramesh Agarwal, etc. in the morning and brainstorming the next action plan of the club/committee at late night. Needless to mention, the lectures from some of the best minds in the country all day long.

In short, words can’t describe how exuberant life at IIM Rohtak has been and is until today.

Other things which make my campus unique are as follow:

Being surrounded and having to compete with smart people which pushes one beyond his/her comfort and draws out the best in him/her.

No two person has the same schedule. Each one has his priorities tuned according to his needs/interests.

Case discussions are exciting and provide a practical outlook on business.

Which ABG company I would like to work:

Given a chance, I would love to be associated with one of the most significant financial services players in India Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL).

With a strong presence across the various domains of finance, it will provide me an opportunity to have a birds eye’s view of the financial world. I have also had the chance to interact with a number of associates across various companies. I can very well say that some companies had greater perks than ABCL, some had better people than ABCL, but none encompasses everything as ABCL does.