Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character Will You Be In A B-School?

How you doin’?

Befuddled by that weird little title there? What are F.R.I.E.N.D.S and IIM doing in the same sentence? What could be the unimaginable connection among these two things?

Ever since I’ve been a part of the IIM Indore community, people ask me all sorts of questions about the students in IIMs. It’s so common to be casually asked about my batchmates? Whether they are any fun? What kind of personalities do I usually observe around me? This actually got me thinking about some really interesting people I’ve met here and guess what; I spotted our very own F.R.I.E.N.D.S. squad here. Trust me, we have them all!


The “Ross

Who doesn’t love this stereotypical “hot nerd”? Well, we have our own versions of Ross on the campus, the nerds who love their subjects a bit too much. No matter what questions are thrown at them in the assignments, they’ll find their way to the answers. Thanks to their nerdy sense of humour, they come across as socially awkward at times. They’re a saviour when it comes to group assignments, nonetheless.


The “Monica

The ultimate perfectionists! The Monicas want to be a part of each and every activity and be the best at everything they do. You’ll often find them fighting over those 0.25 marks they lost in a quiz. Highly organised in their work, they expect others to be perfect too. A Monica in your team can give you a tough time because of all the bossiness.


The “Chandler

Trapped in the seriousness of IIMs, we find some solace in the occasional laughs, thanks to the Chandlers around us. No matter how hectic the day is, no matter how much work has piled up, they will lighten the mood with their witty comments and jokes to help everyone deal with the pressure. Have a Chandler in your study group and the unending assignments will somehow become bearable.


The “Phoebe

These are the quirky ones engrossed in their own world. They do things differently and you never know what they are up to. They always have the most unusual stories to tell you about their life and they stand out from the crowd because of their weird ways. Out-of-the-box ideas and offbeat thinking is something that you would expect from them.


The “Joey

The Joeys are the happy-go-lucky people who don’t stress themselves, come what may. They are always chilled out and having fun, irrespective of whether there’s a test scheduled or an assignment due. They don’t really have the will or the skill to get things done. Their contribution to the group projects is often debatable.


The “Rachel

They are the most buzz-creating and sought after ones on the campus. The go-to person for all your fashion advice, Rachels of the campus enjoy a lot of attention for their good looks and fashion sense. They are invited to all the parties and everyone knows them. They’ll manage to look glam even after a super-tiring day filled with lectures, lectures and more lectures.

It’s so much fun to look at the people I’ve at IIMs in this way. I wonder who I match with. Considering this quirky way of relating F.R.I.E.N.D.S and IIMs, I’m a Phoebe, maybe! And what will you be? Tell me in the comments below!

Mayuri Jadhav

Mayuri Jadhav is currently a PGP1 student at IIM Indore. She has previously completed Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. She loves singing, reading fiction and penning down her thoughts.