Here Falls One, There Goes Another – IIFT

Here falls one, there goes another. Some other have dozed off by the time of breakfast. This is the hangover of the sleep-deprived nights we had. It has been 4 days in campus, or maybe 5, lost the count as days and nights are the same here. It feels ages since we left our homes and entered the lofty gates of our dream institute known as IIFT. So, it appears that it’s been enough days in the campus for us to know the place in and around it. Well! that’s a myth for a B-school student. We didn’t know much excepting few spots like an old hostel, mess and the auditorium, which was like a temple to us (freshers).

Eating together newly acquainted batchmates in the mess during meals was another teaching … from IIFT.

And here was the silver lining when we played Treasure Hunt. It was not just a game, it was game of change, to be out under clear sky at the dawn. Breathed in fresh air after so many days. We cherished the moment as an oasis in the desert. We were supposed to reach a few places by decrypting the clues, then perform a task as a group to unlock our next clue and so on. Firstly, we were directed towards the boys only hostel, the distance to which seemed like an eternity in the early morning and had a morning jog. It was the time for pity and empathy towards our batchmates staying there. After having the popular and delicious ‘bun maska’ we raced back to the main campus to sing and recite the names of our team members to gain access towards our treasure.  We were too enthusiastic and keen to win it that despite not knowing the team members earlier, we synchronised too well. Ours was the first one to reach the final spot and that too in half the time allotted by the facilitators and our seniors. We later realised that the places to be travelled to were all the special spots of the college which we had discovered in less than an hour. And that was the treasure we were hunting. Now we weren’t just the winners, we also had known our campus.


ABG Company:

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IIFT Placement Commitee



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