The Fanatics Of IIM Trichy

There are many crazy people who you come across or meet daily. IIM Trichy also its lot of crazy people. They are characters in themselves. But they do form a significant part of this ecosystem. So the funatics about whom I am going to share some details are – SACHIN, GANGULY, ZAHEER & DRAVID [All names changed due to privacy issues].

Sachin is from Kerala. He is the laziest guy I have ever seen. He is so lazy that he has missed some classes and quizzes only because he was feeling lazy to walk till the classroom from hostels. Ironically he is a great football player. But to get him to the football ground is really an arduous task. This guy loves watching music videos of bygone era (70s) and is always seen enjoying a bottle of coke. He is always smiling and since he is also a bit fat, he resembles Laughing Buddha. I have given him a nickname
–Football, because of his round shape.

Ganguly, another football fanatic, is from Bengal. He has SAD (Serious Attention Deficit) disorder. From day 1 in the campus, this guy has just one aim – be the center of everyone attention. He has several tricks up his sleeves to do so. He arrives in every class just at the last moment when everyone has settled down and then perform his traditional catwalk on the way to his seat. He used to jump from the windows of the mess, run around for no reason. He is a good singer and can sing in multiple languages.
But sometimes he becomes very irritating. He will come near you and start singing on your face with a nosey voice.

Zaheer belongs to the state of Bihar. He considers himself to be Batman and is strongly influenced by the character. He knows almost every famous quote of Batman from the Batman movies. He is also a fan of GoT. Once he was given an opportunity to speak in front of the batch. If his speech had 10 sentences, 9 of them would be a quote from a Batman movie or from GoT. He takes a strong disliking for the system and believes that radical changes need to be brought in to improve it. He sometimes behaves like a lunatic. He hits people when becomes very happy and excited.

Now last but not least I would like to introduce Dravid. He is from Kerala or rather he says that he is from Kerala. Some people say he looks like a Haryanvi, some says he is a Bihari. Now even he is confused as to which state he belongs to. He is the coolest guy in the campus and he is also very funny. He is a teetotaler and doesn’t smoke yet he takes part in every booze party just to finish all the snacks and side dishes. On one side when everyone is running behind grades and placements, he aims at gathering
maximum knowledge. He hasn’t bunked a single class till now. This thing always intrigues me….How can someone attend all the classes? He is very friendly with everyone. One thing that annoys many is his never-ending lectures on electricity saving and environment protection.


Which ABG Company Do I Want To Work For And Why?

I would like to be a part of Idea Cellular Network. These are interesting times in the Telecom Industry in India. It would be a really good experience to work in Idea post its merger with Vodafone. The merging of two companies will create new synergies and new culture and being a part of an idea during this change would be a good learning platform for me. Now the top 3 players will be fighting it out for the market share and I believe I would get to learn a lot especially during these dynamic conditions in the Telecom industry.

This article is written by R Mithun Chandran – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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