The Fantastic Four – Introducing My Crazy Batchmates At IIM Sirmaur

Exactly one year ago, I, along with my 65 batch mates, set upon a journey of discovering ourselves as management students. As I look back at the year gone by, I am spellbound by the many things that we have learnt – about the world, about ourselves, and also about one another. The first three trimesters, followed by being apart from each other in the 2-month summer internship and then a three week vacation together in Europe, we have all come a long way. And so has our bond.

Here are my testimonials to the characters who make my time here exciting!

Ruchi Verma:

Ruchi, who began her IIM journey at the mere age of 19, is the most entertaining character on the campus. On one hand, I and my batch mates struggle to adhere to the time limit for presentations, but listening to Ruchi speak is comparable to a watching a Formula 1 race from the sidewalk; you feel the air but cannot see who drove by! Be it getting things done herself or through others, she is the most active member of the Cultural Committee. Everything right from her introduction during the ice-breaker to the one-liners that you cannot escape from, Ruchi is the closest reincarnation of Chandler Bing! Having visited 3 wonders of the world, she is truly the small wonder of IIM Sirmaur!

Kartheek Pathivada:

Quite the opposite of Ruchi, Kartheek has one response to everything we say to him. “Kyaaaaa(after 2 seconds)aaaaaa?” For most of the first year, he has managed without speaking Hindi. Using hand gestures and facial expressions to answer every question, this Andhra boy leaves us speechless when he cracks some pretty high level jokes. With the unforeseen expertise of falling asleep within a minute (anywhere!), he hoards sweets from the mess. His badminton skills have earned him the title of a “Pro-man!”

Vinod Katam:

Commonly known as Bobby, this guy is an IIT-IIM guy with brands on his mind. A hyperactive being who manages to spill tea and drop things all the time, I hope his mind finds peace someday. Jokes apart, he is the body builder of the college. The kind of person who is laden from head-to-toe in brands, Vinod has an obsession for Marvel movies. His level of craziness is unbeatable – stealing your food when you’re not watching, having more affection for his bike than for humans and pulling cheeks of all guys on campus, sets him way apart from normalcy.

Vikash Kumar:

With dramatic replies, killer dance moves and marketing concepts at the tip of his tongue, this genius is our saviour! This good-looking lad who goes to the extent of liking his own Facebook and Instagram posts from everyone’s cellphone is even more entertaining when he grooves to Bhojpuri songs. His need for speed is dangerous to the humankind. A firm believer that the “h” in his name is his point of differentiation, Vikash is most celebrated for wearing sunglasses for the final presentation of his summer internship.


Which ABG Company would you want to work for and why?

In spite of major disruptions in the retail sector due to the advent of e-commerce, Aditya Birla Retail Limited has shown major stability and growth. With opportunities rising exponentially in the digitization of the retail sector, I believe my strengths viz. technical knowledge and keen interest in analytics would be best put to use for the development of and expansion of current strategic and IT infrastructure of Aditya Birla Retail Limited. Hence, I would be privileged to be a part of the aforementioned company.

– Vaishnavi Deshpande

Batch of 2017-19 (IIM Sirmaur)

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.