Farewell, Indominus – IIM Shillong Bids Adieu To The Class Of 2017

“Some moments in life are temporary, but the memory of them is permanent. These are those moments that will remain most cherished, loved and will grow an ardent desire to relive them again” – These thoughts ran through the minds of everyone in IIM Shillong as it came together to bid adieu to the future leaders as its batch of 2015 gets ready to step out of its misty walls and into the professional realm.

The Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong along with an overwhelming response from the entire batch took the responsibility of organising a four-day long farewell to culminate their two-year long journey here. It all started with a flash mob as the outgoing batch was tricked into the Quadrangle – the heart of IIM Shillong, accompanied by fireworks and delicacies, creating an aura of ecstasy and mirth that quadrupled the excitement. A poster was also unveiled amidst all the bliss with photos of each one of the 160 odd to be alums looking back to their two years in the Abode of the Clouds.

The next three days only threw up, even more, surprises as the Cultural Committee set up a customised photo booth along with props to capture the final few days of the seniors, their smiles offering a window into the heavy hearts each one of them carried. The smiles gave way to nostalgia as a memory hall – “Flashback” was created offering a glimpse into the two years of the batch of 2015, displaying around a thousand photographs of the senior batch along with scribble sheets of all 160 members where messages could be left for their friends to remember. Every captured moment offered a glimpse into the beautiful two years and the countless experiences each member of the batch had been a part of. As the eyes of each one of the students twinkled brighter than the stars above, a “Bonfire” was lit up, emulating the warmth in their hearth amidst the frigid night. In what was very well the last opportunity for the seniors and the juniors to sit together in this way, the “Bonfire” was rife with fun and laughter, a moment to rejoice and look back to with warmth.

As the days passed, the things also approached to their end, on the third-day invitations were distributed by the committee members to the seniors. The theme for the farewell was revealed and preparations made for the final night. The penultimate say saw the stage being set for the “Shaam-e-Mehfil”, for the senior batch as well as the junior batch to present their skills and talent. This Shaam came alive with beautiful performances being given by both the batches and included singing, dancing, reciting, and lots of mimicries, reliving past experiences and looking back with glee. Laughter echoed in the auditorium as the Mehfil was set. A special dinner courtesy the Hostel Committee made sure the bellies were just as elated as the hearts!

Finally, the day approached, when “Darbar” was decorated in its full glory to welcome the esteemed guests. The lights gleamed bright, the curtains swayed and the arrangements for “Jashn-e-Darbar” went live. As the guests of honour for the day walked the Red Carpet, escorted by a member of the junior batch in a tug, it was time for the shutterbugs to get busy and the cameras to get clicking! With the hall brimming with activity, the show got underway with a skit to look back into the highlights of the past year, drawing in droves of laughter and sparkling eyes. The show continued with groups of seniors being called on stage and given their personalised gifts, their two-year journey encapsulated in a frame.  The show ended with a reminiscence of the days spent in this place surrounded by the Misty Mountains and the junior batch bidding their goodbyes to their magnanimous seniors/mentors.

On the whole experience of organising the farewell, Hitesh Bansal, a member of the committee says “It was one of the most special celebrations that I have been a part of, the whole organising committee is rejoicing after witnessing the cheerful expressions of their seniors. The ubiquitous merry ambience is more a result of emotional attachment that arises after realising the people for whom this all was done. Had their not been constant assistance from the whole batch, it would not have been possible”

At last, we would like to wish our seniors jovial life filled with amusement, success and pleasant moments ahead. Wishing them luck to succeed in all their endeavours. All that can be said is that we might not be together now, but Indominus* and Stentorian* will be together forever and ever.