Fashion Mini Bar, Use The Dress Of Your Choice And Pay While Checking Out – Strategy With RS


Women love travelling. Upon reaching their destination when they check in to their hotel and start to unpack they are invariably engulfed with a feeling that they have left their best dress / accessory behind.

Fashion store ‘Pimkie’ decided to create a business based on this insight.

When a women traveller checks into her hotel room, she will have a mini fashion bar, in her room, modeled on a hotel’s mini bar.

But this mini bar will be stocked with clothes, which are carefully selected keeping in mind the weather, location and event of the area in which the hotel is located.

How does one use the Mini Fashion Bar?

Just as you would use the regular mini bar in your hotel room – access the mini bar, pick the item of your choice, consume it and pay for it upon checking out.

In the case of fashion mini bar, a lady guest can choose a dress or a complete wardrobe or accessories, kept in the bar, and use them. In case a dress in the mini fashion bar doesn’t fit, then what happens? Simple. Call the fashion concierge and he will get you the right size. Upon checking out, they can pay for it.

India is also witnessing this trend – of more & more women travelling to all parts of the country. Like women in other parts of the world, they too would be engulfed with this feeling –of having left their best dress / accessory behind. Therefore do you think ‘Fashion mini bar’ will work in India?





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