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When I will go back to my home –town, I will be asked –What have been your favourite memories in IIFT so far? Usually, I will stammer and stutter; it’s just so hard to narrow my IIFT experience thus far into a compact series of easily definable moments. Yet, I have found that the favourite memories I have made here at IIFT have been, more often than not, ones that are otherwise somewhat normal. Here are some of my favourite, unforgettable moments and why they hold so much significance to me.

  • The first time my roommates and I bonded –Now, I can safely say that my roommates have become my best friends. I found out that I had so much in common with them, but so many different things to learn about them. There is always something new I find out about them.
  • Dancing in the Atrium- My clumsiness and general lack of co-ordination has always prevented me from dancing. That is why I was so feared out when I was coerced into dancing during freshers. Needless to say, I am definitely doing it again for the rest of my life at IIFT.
  • When we dream of a company we want to work in, we make sure that our goals are aligned with the organisational goals. Surfing through the pages of Aditya Birla Cements Limited, a giant in Indian cement industry, my eyes riveted on SHE MEANS BUSINESS opportunities for women in professional workplace through. Perhaps one of the few companies/group in India who actually values women in the workplace.
    • SHE MEANS BUSINESS is a league of extraordinary women at the Aditya Birla Group as they transcend barriers to achieve a world of success. Wait, it is not over yet, at the Aditya Birla Cements Limited (Aditya   Birla Group), corporate vision is aligned and intricately woven with People Vision forming the five pillars of success-
      • INTEGRITY –the policy BIRLA group chooses to base a business on.
      • COMMITMENT-Creating a culture high on reliability and accountability.
      • PASSION-Going beyond just the call of duty is where passion lies.
      • SEAMLESSNESS-Working together across functional groups to harness synergy and collaboration.
      • SPEED-Responding to internal and external stakeholders with optimisation and creative solutions keeps everyone ahead of the game. Such an organisation builds up careers that span functions, geographies and business sectors with the ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED being the global leader and industry pioneer in cement production with energy efficiency at the core of cement manufacturing at Ultra Tech Cement.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee


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