What To Do When You Feel Pre-CAT Jitters? – Tips By An IIM Student

Hey folks, it is high time with less than 10 days remaining for the D-day for which you all have been preparing for the last few months, you have spent endless nights and toiled on Sunday afternoons to prepare for this day. This wait for the exam when you are all geared up is very agitating. I remember a year ago, I was going through the same, you start having anxiety fits where you freak out or you become anxious about how slow the time is going. To avoid these jitter you can follow the following things which can help you perform at your 200%, and so that you can make it your day.

  1. Meditation over the years I’ve heard people saying you should meditate on inner peace and it will help you focus and all… but I never believed them; during this last month I was very anxious so I gave it a try! (you resort to this when there’s no hope left in the world); I just did a normal breathing exercise. I use to wake up at 6 in the morning, so one such anxious day I went up on the roof and faced the rising sun and sat in sukhasana pose, closed my eyes and started taking long deep breaths, one after the another and I felt as if coolness is flooding my head! To level it up I tried bhramari pranayam. And as a result, my days were relatively better, and whenever I felt little down during my day I started doing the pranayam (you will be mocked by your friends).
  2. Playing your favourite sport which you have been avoiding so that you can give more time to CAT prep, get back to it but make sure that you don’t end up overdoing it, aching muscles are the last thing you need for the next few days.
  3. Watching your favourite TV show, for me it was F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and relaxing will help you; you may even want to repeat your favourite trilogy or quadrilogy, I watched Batman Trilogy and Matrix trilogy in my last 10 days. The idea is to plan these days as you did the earlier months but keep these days light.
  4. Have proper sleep and proper meal in these 10 days, whatever you have learned till now, let that sunk inside you, this will help you perform better on your exam.
  5. Don’t go solving any mocks, I repeat don’t solve any more mocks (If you are someone who has never given a mock then probably you should give one) there will be no value added and there are high chances that a bad mock will leave you devastated. So don’t try mocks.
  6. Go through your ‘formula book’ once a day to ensure that you don’t forget that tricky result you have noted down while solving a problem. Also, if you really want to study, you can go through your old mocks and see the question you have done incorrectly. But please don’t overdo it. One hour a day would be enough! However, you may want to read GK if you have your IIFT lined up with your CAT.
  7. Talk with your family members, whom you have been avoiding for a long time and talk with your friends with whom you have not spoken in months!
  8. And please have good food and a nice sleep in coming days.

Pankaj Mann

Pankaj Mann is a 22 years old electronics and communication engineer and a PGP2 student at IIM Lucknow. He's a huge Harry Potter fan and when he says his hobby is reading, he means reading Harry Potter again and again. He's an avid runner and a marathon enthusiast. His passion lies in teaching!